Sports Drafts and Other Subjects

Last night was the ever exciting NBA Draft.  Unlike many sports fans, I’ve never been able to get that into the drafts.  Some people treat them as one of the best days of the sporting calendar, but for me its more like time filler.  I’ve tried to convince myself that the NFL Draft is going to be riveting television, but I usually get bored within fifteen minutes and turn it off until its the Eagles’ turn to pick.

Anyway, in the NBA Draft, the 76ers selected Marreese Speights out of Florida.  I’m not going to pretend I know anything about him.  On paper he looks like a good fit, but a lot of failed NBA players looked good on paper.  Coming out of college, I thought Ed O’Bannon was going to be a hall of famer.

In baseball, its June, so that means its time for interleague play.  Which also means, its time for the Phillies to suck.  I don’t know why, but the Phillies always do poorly against the American League.  The only team they ever seemed to do well against was the Orioles, and now they don’t play each other every year.  Despite their recent poor play, they’re still in first place, and hopefully can regain some of the lost ground when the get back to the easier National League competition.

In other news, I’m going whitewater rafting tomorrow.  Should be a lot of fun.  We’re just hoping that Laura can avoid falling in the river this time.  I’m also hoping I’ll spot a woman who just got her hair permed so I can splash her.  The first time I went rafting, this actually happened. 

I’m going to start a new Friday tradition where I rank things.  This week, I will rank my favorite episodes of South Park:

5. Raisins – The ending of this episode cracks me up every time.

4. Towelie – Introduced the dumbest character ever which counts for something.

3. Jared Has Aides – Apparently AIDS is funny now!

2. AWSOM-O – “Are you a pleasure robot?”

1. Scott Tenorman Must Die – Is it more fun when Cartman loses or when he wins?


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One Response to Sports Drafts and Other Subjects

  1. Tim Corman says:

    I think “Make Love, Not Warcraft” should have been included

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