4th of July Memories: Part Three

So the day before a holiday used to be a lot of fun at my old office when I had plenty of people around to talk to.  Today, it’s just me, my boss, and another woman in this section of the office, so I’m a little bored.  Oh well, its the last day before a three-day holiday weekend so I can’t complain too much.

Nothing else to say, so today I’ll provide two 4th of July Memories!

First up is July 4, 1994.

This year marked the 5th consecutive year that my family had a picnic on the 4th of July.  But the year before we had added a new tradition: In the morning, we would play a kids vs. adults softball game.  In 1993, the kids won the game in a close, but friendly affair.  But this year, the adults were out for blood, and the kids would have to up their game.

The field we played on was small, and home runs were easier to come by as compared to a regulation softball field.  However, most of the adults had long since lost most of their power, and the kids for the most part hadn’t developed enough power yet, so home runs were still somewhat rare.  I think the only one hit was by my friend Mike Frakes, who ended up winning the star of the game award, as he helped lead the kids to another victory.

Later that day, the picnic was another huge success.  The weather was overcast all day which helped keep the temperature manageable.  We had a long series of volleyball games played between the adults (My parents’ friends), the college students (my sister’s friends), and the high schoolers (my friends).  Sadly, I don’t think my age group fared that well.

Overall, taking into account the softball win, the cooler weather, and the good volleyball action, this may have been my favorite of all the 4th of July picnics.


The next 4th of July Memory is July 4, 2002

Although we didn’t know it at the time, this would be the last 4th of July picnic that my family would throw.  It was a sad time, as our dog Ned had recently left us, and something seemed a little off not having him running around looking for fallen burgers and hot dogs.

Anyway, I came home from DC along with Mrs. Cutter and her friends Lisa and Kate.  The softball games that we used to hold in the mornings had died out over the years, but I tried to re-establish the tradition this year.  We didn’t have enough for a full game, so we played a modified version.  Unfortunately, the game came to a premature halt as my friend Lonny got hit with a throw while running to first base.  He had to be taken to the hospital, but was ultimately OK.

Some years, the temperature stays cool.  This July 4th, it did not.  It got up to near 100 degrees in the afternoon, so volleyball action was at a minimum, and people didn’t feel like moving around much in general.  The heat also led to some chafing which would come into play later.

As the sun went down, I decided to set off some store bought fireworks in the yard.  I would light the fuse and then run away, but due to the chafing, I had to do an awkward run which I think amused everyone far more than the fireworks.

Later that night, my friends all retreated inside to play a game of Pictionary.  I don’t think Mrs. Cutter and I had reached our current proficient levels yet, so the game was somewhat competitive.

This was an odd picnic, as it actually got better after dark, mainly because of the heat.  The family picnic was a good tradition that lasted 13 years.  It was somewhat sad to see it end, but at least it went out on a somewhat high note.


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One Response to 4th of July Memories: Part Three

  1. laural2979 says:

    I will never get the picture of you running away from the fireworks out of my head.

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