Final 4th of July Memories

So the holiday weekend has come and gone, and now its back to work.  Kinda sad.

Anyway, it was a good weekend.  We started out with the bar crawl on Thursday night which went about how I expected.  A good group of people, and we hit quite a few bars: Recessions, Singapore Bistro, Ozio, Madhatter, James Hobans, Front Page, and Black Rooster.  After doing at least one drink at each place, and usually more, including some shots, we were all pretty done in by the end.


  • Doing saki bombs which includes the song routine at Singapore Bistro.  This has quickly become a highlight of any midtown bar crawl.
  • Grabbing a free visor from the Miller Lite girl.
  • The dinner break at McDonalds where Mrs. Cutter declared that “McDonalds serves all sorts of food items, and all of them are awesome.”


  • The whole Ozio experience.  Why is this bar even on the bar crawl since it attracts the type of people who they normally wouldn’t let in?  And the bartending staff wasn’t exactly top notch either.  After ordering two beers, I gave the bartender a $20.  He was busy, so I thought he was going to give out change en masse, but seemed unaware that I had paid him.  He swore that I couldn’t have given him a $20 because there wasn’t one in his drawer.  Finally, he found the $20 in the tip jar.  I guess he thought I was being really generous.  Nice try asshole.  Other people said he was mixing up orders all around.
  • Biting the hell out of my lip when eating a chicken wing at Madhatter.  I was pretty hungry, so I guess I was a little overanxious.
  • Upon returning home, falling asleep on the couch until 4:30 or so, and then stumbling into bed.

Overall, a very good bar crawl, and possibly the best Midtown Liberty crawl that I’ve been on.

The 4th itself was much calmer.  We were going to go swimming, but it was cloudy and rainy all day.  Instead, we went to Home Depot to buy stuff for my soon to be redone bathroom.  Ah, the excitement of married life.  That night, we went to a BBQ in Alexandria.  It was low key, but a good time.  We couldn’t really see the DC fireworks from there, but people set off some in the back alley which made up for it.  Still, definitely not the most exciting Independence Day ever.

On Saturday, we headed for Harpers Ferry for the second weekend in a row, this time to go tubing.  Unlike with rafting, the flat water is good for tubing, as you just kind of leisurely float along, eating and drinking as you go.  We also passed a group of what appeared to be hot lesbians!  Unfortunately, I banged my knee pretty hard on a rock.  On the way back, we even stopped to buy fireworks!  So next year, I’ll have something to set off for the holiday.

And now, my final 4th of July Memory:

I’ll look back at last year’s Independence Day: July 4, 2007.  Now as anyone knows, there was only one event in my life that I was looking forward to last summer: The release of the Transformers movie!  So that morning, I went over to a friend’s house to watch a couple episodes of the old cartoon.  Unfortunately, this caused us to get to the theater a bit late so we had to sit in the third row.  Combined with the way too closely cut action scenes, this detracted greatly from the movie.  Overall, it was OK, but far from the life changing event I had anticipated.  Maybe next year’s Transformers 2 or the GIJoe movie will live up to expectations.


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3 Responses to Final 4th of July Memories

  1. laural2979 says:

    You forgot to include Steve’s Bar Room in the crawl tally. Yes, the Transformer’s movie was definitely the only thing that you were looking forward to last summer. It’s too bad that we didn’t have any other fun things going on.

  2. Wheelie says:

    What about looking forward to the awesome trip to Medieval Times?!

  3. lacysmokes says:

    what about what you did saturday evening?

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