Washington Nationals and Other Items

Went to the Washington Nationals game on Tuesday.  It was T-shirt Tuesday, so we all got Abe Lincoln T-shirts!  We went to the ticket machine and tried to purchase 4 $10 tickets.  Those were sold out, so the machine helpfully suggested we buy $75 tickets.  Nice try, machine.  Does any really go looking for $10 and decide to splurge that much more.  We opted for the $18 value.

Sadly, not much in the way of random sports jerseys.  The best I saw was a Mookie Wilson T-shirt jersey.  On the bright side, I got to see two balks and a pitcher get ejected.  Needless to say, the Nats wasted some good scoring chances and lost.

In other sports news, the Sixers made a big deal this week when they signed free agent power forward Elton Brand away from the Clippers.  While this essentially ties up a lot of money for the next few years to a guy coming off an injury, Brand has proven to be an excellent player.  I’d rather give him the money than a callow, unproven guy like Josh Smith who was probably their second choice.

Anyway, this makes the Sixers a playoff threat for the next season.  If they can somehow locate someone to shoot from the outside, they’d be a genuine contender.

In other positive news, Mrs. Cutter was offered the job she so desperately wanted.  She’s happy, and I’m thrilled, because I think I might have had to kill her if she didn’t get it.

Since today is Friday, I will provide a top five ranking.  In spirit of the Washington Nationals, I give you the Top 5 Washington Nationals of all time (Remember, this only goes back to 2005):

5. Brian Schneider – Not the greatest offensive player, but very dependable in his three seasons at catcher.

4. Livian Hernandez – Solid pitcher in his two seasons here.  Pitched a lot of innings and made the All-Star game.

3. Ryan Zimmerman – May not be as good as the Nats’ announcers make him out to be, but is an emerging star without much support.

2. Alfonso Soriano – His 2006 season will stand as the best season by a Nats’ hitter for a long time.

1. Chad Cordero – In many ways, he’s been the face of the franchise since they moved to DC.  Unfortunately, he’s been hurt all year.

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2 Responses to Washington Nationals and Other Items

  1. Fernando Tatis says:

    Livan was also an offensive juggernaut as far as pitchers go. I love the Chad but he’s basically done for most of next season already. I’d also put Dimitri Young on that list well ahead of Brian Schneider. Young was an allstar, and a club house leader

  2. treachx says:

    Dmitri Young was good, but he’s only really had one season with the team. Schneider was at least solid for 3 years here.

    And over the 4 years that they’ve been here, has any player done better than Cordero?

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