The Worst Week in Sports

Much to Mrs. Cutter’s dismay, this blog will be about sports.  I was going to write a much longer entry about something else, but I do not have time, as I’m leaving for Boston tonight to visit a friend.

Anyway, the week of the baseball All-Star game is the worst week of the year when it comes to sports.  You get three+ days without any real sporting event going on.

Of course, instead of actual events, we get pseudo sports.  On Monday there’s the Home Run Derby.  This event ranks up there with the NFL Draft as things I think I half convince myself that I’ll enjoy watching, and then after ten minutes realize how boring it is.  I watched Chase Utley hit, and after it was apparent that he wasn’t going to advance, I turned it off.  Sure, some people were impressed by Josh Hamilton’s power display, but really, it works just as well watching highlights.

On Tuesday, there’s the All-Star game.  When I was younger, I used to think this was an important event.  I don’t anymore, despite how many times Fox tells me “This One Counts!”  Really, does the fact that the game decides home field advantage for the World Series really convince anyone to watch?  Because the game “means something” I’d like to see a manager one year grow some balls and play all out.  Keep the starters in for most of the game.  Let the starting pitcher go 6 innings.  You know, treat it like it was a real game instead of an exhibition.  Sadly, this will never happen.

Also, why do TV sports analysts and writers have to drone on about “How the game used to be so important.”  They cite how the old timers would want to win at all costs.  Well, I’m sure some of them did.  And I’m sure that some of today’s players do too.  But most of them do not, and most of them probably didn’t back then either.  And then they mention how Pete Rose wanted to win so bad, he ran over the catcher.  Here’s news for you: Pete Rose didn’t do that because the game was important.  Pete Rose did that because he’s an asshole.

Really, I don’t know which sports phenomenon analysts and writers are more upset about losing relevance: The All-Star game or Monday Night Football.

Of course with no real games this week, SportsCenter has filled the void by apparently becoming FavreCenter.  Yes, in case you haven’t heard, Brett Favre wants to come out of retirement, but the Packers don’t want him to.  After seeing so much coverage, I want them all to go away.

For this Friday’s top five list, I give you the Top Five Things I Did Instead of Watching the Home Run Derby:

5. Shower and brush my teeth

4. Pay bills

3. Wash the dishes

2. Take a walk

1. Watch wrestling


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2 Responses to The Worst Week in Sports

  1. Squinty says:

    I too have lost interest in the allstar game. Could have used your review of Hellboy 2 though

  2. Ryan says:

    I couldn’t stay up late enough to watch, but Colin was up until 5am and only made it to the 9th inning.

    As for Rose, well he was part of the Big Red Machine and I love my Reds, but he bet on baseball, so my feelings on him are mixed. I suspect he is most likely an arse though….

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