Crab Fest and Superhero Movies

Another Friday has come, which means that summer is really moving along now, as we’re almost through July.  I’ve been keeping pretty busy, and will continue to be extremely busy as every weekend through Labor Day, I’ve got something going on.  So if anyone wants to invite me to any weekend events, sorry, I probably can’t go.

This weekend, Mrs. Cutter and I are off to Pennsylvania to attend our friends’ annual Crab Fest.  This is always quite the spectacle as they go all out with tons of crabs to eat, crab decorations, and other random crab festivities.  This year, there’s going to be a big skit in which I will be reprising my role from my 5th grade school concert as Pee Wee Herman.  Yes, you’ll all be very sorry you missed it.

I haven’t gotten to see The Dark Knight yet.  People have been raving about it, so I definitely want to see it, but just haven’t gotten a chance.  It would be cool to see it in IMAX, but I don’t know if I’ll have the time to do that.  I decided to take the “Which Batman character are you like” quiz, and to no surprise, I was most like the Joker. 

Special shout out to those of you who have been exalting me on the NAKID message board.  With respects to anonymity, I give thanks to Ms. B, Johnny Minion, and the former Brewmistress, who I know have been going all out to get my karma back in the positive.  This relates to a topic I will discuss at length in a future blog.

Since its summer, which brings us lots of comic book movies, this week, I give you my Top Five Superhero Movies:

5. Batman – The Michael Keaton/Jack Nicholson version.  Sure, it seems a bit dated now, but it was a lot of fun.

4. X2 – We finally get to see Wolverine kick some ass here.  Too bad the end of the movie set up the very disappointing third movie.

3. Superman II – Superman gets to actually fight other people with super powers.  For whatever reason, this rarely happens in the movies.  I’m guessing its because he’s so powerful, that its tough to find opponents in his league.  And there’s also the whole “giving up his powers for love angle.”  But who am I kidding?  This movie ranks highly because they throw buses at each other!

2. Blade II – Why do so many vampire movies turn out so gay?  Like Bram Stokers Dracula and Interview with the Vampire.  You want to know what should be in a vampire movie?  Ninja vampires!  This movie kicks all sorts of ass. 

1. Spider-Man – Some people like the second one better, and while that movie had the single greatest action scene ever (the fight on the train), this movie’s story was much better.  I just remember watching this movie and thinking “This is awesome” the whole time.


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One Response to Crab Fest and Superhero Movies

  1. Sweaty says:

    You put Blade II ahead of Blade? It definitely underwhelmed me as far as sequels go. Many props for Superman II on your list; I like how he trapped them on the elevator and threw them to the moon. And the original Batman should have been much, MUCH higher on your list.

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