Last night, my parents were in town and we went to see the Philadelphia Phillies take on the Nationals.  Since my parents were paying the tickets, we actually got pretty good seats in the club box level. 

At the club box level there is an idoor concourse which includes food stands and a couple bars.  Which means you can sit at a bar, and watch an obstructed view of the game through a window or on one of the TVs.  You could also do pretty much the same thing at any other bar in the area without paying a $50 cover charge.  But our seats had a good view and were padded so I can’t complain.  We should have been in prime foul ball territory, but nothing even came close. 

The Phillies are in first place, and the Nationals are the worst team in baseball, having lost eight games in a row heading into last night’s game.  You’d figure that maybe the Nationals were due, but that eventual win will have to wait, as the Nationals had several fielding errors, and the Phillies hit a couple of home runs en route to an easy victory.

I’m a bit jealous of Mrs. Cutter, as she finished up her old job yesterday and has the day off.  It would have been nice to sleep in, as I haven’t slept well the past couple of nights.

Our master bathroom is being redone, and the door needed to be removed.  For some reason, Mrs. Cutter does not feel comfortable sleeping in our bedroom with the bathroom door missing, so she decided we would sleep in the spare bedroom.  That bed is only a queen and has a memory foam pad, so its a bit of an adjustment to sleep there.  It also gets a lot hotter in that room than in our bedroom, so it wasn’t especially comfortable.  And, our upstairs neighbor apparently walks all around that room in his apartment at 6:30, so I had an early morning.

Since my parents were staying with us, we were forced to sleep in our own bed last night. But for whatever reason, the neighbor was up and about at 5:30.  We hadn’t heard him at all for about a month, so I hope this isn’t the start of a new trend.  Still, he was a lot quicker and quieter than the old neighbors.  Then again, a family of elephants would have been quieter than them.  It took awhile to get back to sleep, no thanks to a bird that started chirping outside our window.  Stupid nature!

And so, I’m a bit tired, but at least its Friday.  Which means its time for a top five list.  This week: My Top Five Favorite XM Radio Stations:

5. Lucy – Alternative rock – Although in this day and age, its hard to define what exactly alternative is.

4. Flight 26 – Top hits – I like to tune in and hear the popular songs so I know what the young kids are talking about.

3. The Boneyard – Metal – Gets me my heavy metal and hair band fix.  It’s awesome when I tune in and Skid Row is playing!

2. The 90s – It’s good, although they do seem to play Sugar Ray’s Fly quite a bit.

1. The Rhyme – Old School Hip Hop – If there’s one kind of music I enjoy, its old school hip hop.


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One Response to Tired

  1. Squinty says:

    I was promised something about John and Kate Plus 8. And then would have been better than this, possibly your worst blog entry to date.

    And really, Mrs Cutter needs to lay off the crack

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