Fun weekend – But I’m feeling it

As I woke up this morning, I considered the thought: “Maybe I’m too old to have weekends like this anymore.”

Things started off well on Friday night. Mrs. Cutter and I had our friend “The Blondness” over for dinner, and then we drove out to the Udvar-Hazy center to see The Dark Knight in IMAX.

The Dark Knight has gotten so much hype, but it actually lived up to it, and seeing it in IMAX was amazing. This movie was great, and for me, rivaled Spider-Man as the best comic book movie ever.

I thought some hardcore comic book Batman fans might not have liked the portrayal of the Joker, since it was more of a real life translation of the character as opposed to Jack Nicholson who played him pretty much straight from the comic version. But Heath Ledger was really good in the role.

After seeing this movie, Mrs. Cutter really wants to buy me a Batman mask, as apparently Batman really turns her on.

According to Mrs. Cutter, this is hot.

According to Mrs. Cutter, this is hot.

On Saturday, Mrs. Cutter gave me my birthday present: Tickets to see the Eagles defeat the Redskins in Philadelphia on October 5th. She might be as excited as I am, since she’ll finally get to see a game live.

At 3 PM, we headed out to start our unofficial Bethesda Bar Crawl. Our first destination was supposed to be The Barking Dog…which we discovered wasn’t open until 4. So we decided to start things off at Ri Ra instead. Unfortunately, my phone was almost dead, and if anyone didn’t know where we were, they wouldn’t be able to call. I was able to find an outlet at Ri Ra to plug in my phone, and as we were joined by Squinty, the festivities began.

We stayed at Ri Ra for a couple of hours as people slowly arrived. Just before 5 PM, we departed for our next destination: Tommy Joes.  At TJ’s, I was able to defeat Squinty at Silver Strike Bowling, but my skills at that game have gone downhill badly. Or maybe I’m just a lot better when drunk.

Someone noticed that they were having a Bladder Buster contest there (Basically, that means drinks are free until someone leaves to use the bathroom) at 7 PM, but I think we all realized that doing a Bladder Buster while on a bar crawl would have been a bad move.

The next stop was BlackFinn. There’s a bit of a walk between Tommy Joe’s and BlackFinn, and some people grumbled about that. I thought Johnny Minion might have had an attack if he didn’t get a beer in his hands soon. He finally did get his beer, and all was well again.

After that, we headed to Bethesda’s British Pub: Union Jack’s. This would be my stop for dinner as they have a $10 big ass beer and wings special. Mrs. Cutter drew the ire of some people as she asked for her beer to be Miller Lite instead of Yuengling. The wings, along with some pizza would have to suffice as dinner for the evening. It’s a good thing we ate when we did because the drink count would soon start to rapidly rise.

Next up was Rock Bottom. A few more people showed up at this point, and I think that’s when the shots began appearing. I remember a buttery nipple and SoCo and lime at some point, but I’m not entirely sure who was responsible for them.

As I headed off to Flanigan’s Harp and Fiddle, Mrs. Cutter led a charge to get ice cream, and some of the girls departed for parts unknown. When they eventually arrived, I saw why they looked so joyous. They had stopped at the sex toy store and bought me a pair of candy nipple tassels. I was convinced to put them on and have people eat the candy. The car bomb I did at the bar might have helped in the convincing.

Our final stop was Caddies. I don’t remember much of Caddies. I think I did two Jaegar shots here. We were apparently there for a couple of hours until Mrs. Cutter convinced me it was time to go home. I don’t think I put up much of an argument.

I had the intention of keeping score for the bar crawl, awarding people points for attending bars, having drinks, being the first to correctly name a song’s title and artist, and other arbitrary things. However, as the drinks kept coming, I soon lost track of things. So, I’ll name myself the winner. Congrats to me!

After passing out on the couch for a little bit, she convinced me to get into bed. I woke up the next morning feeling understandably hung over. But my flag football team had our first game at noon, and we weren’t going to have any substitutes. I’d have to get myself ready to play somehow.

I started off with some Pepto tablets and water. I then ate some Cheerios. With some food in my stomach, I was able to keep Ibuprofen down. After a shower, I felt well enough to get in the car. The car ride down wasn’t pleasant for me, but once we got to the field and I began walking around, I felt better.

Cheerios: Hangover cure

Cheerios: Hangover cure

Somehow I managed to play the entire game, and do decently well, although I felt like I was moving in slow motion at times. Sadly, we lost the game by two touchdowns, but it was pretty close throughout. Afterwards, the team went to My Brother’s Place for brunch, and I had some eggs and english muffins which hit the spot nicely.

When I got home, I realized how sore I was. In addition to my lingering right ankle problems, I now have a bad bruise on the top of my foot from where I must have gotten stepped on. I also hurt my finger because I stupidly left my wedding ring on, and it got caught on a flag. I also have some other soreness all throughout.

The weekend was capped by dinner at Damon’s restaurant in Arundel Mills.  It’s a long drive, but with the closing of the Orleans House, its my favorite restaurant.  And I thought a delicious slice of prime rib would be the perfect cap to an unhealthy weekend.

Quite the weekend, but I’m definitely feeling the effects today.   Maybe I’ll take it easier when I turn 32.  But probably not.


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One Response to Fun weekend – But I’m feeling it

  1. Squinty says:

    Thanks for leaving out my getting lost on the way to black fin, and my injury warming up for the game

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