The Montgomery Country Agricultural Fair

Last night, Mrs. Cutter and I decided to go to the Montgomery Country Agricultural Fair.  Growing up, I had always looked forward to going to my local fair, but for whatever reason, we had never made it out to the Mont Co. fair, so I was pretty excited.  I never had to pay for admission as a child, but Mont Co. charges $5 to park and $8 to get in, so just getting in the door, it suffered in comparison.

We brought our usual third wheel, Squnity, along.  He would prove to come in handy later on.

We started out by playing Bingo.  My luck at Bingo seems to be pretty good lately as I won the very first game I played.  I had the option of picking out a prize from a wonderful selection.  I decided to hold on to my coupon and come back later so that I didn’t have to carry the prize around all night.

The grandstand entertainment for the evening was a monster truck rally.  As cool as that sounded, it would have been an extra $12, and we wouldn’t have really gotten to do much else.  Plus, Mrs. Cutter thought the trucks were a bit too loud for her liking.  To be honest, those things did sound really loud.

We decided to walk around the agricultural section of the fair for awhile.  We saw a lot of goats, sheep, pigs, and cows.  Much to our delight, some of the sheep were loudly “Baaing” for us.  Sadly, none of the cows or pigs made much noise.  Actually, the pigs were barely moving at all.  Perhaps they didn’t like it when Mrs. Cutter told them she would make them into bacon.  We did get to see a sheep getting sheared.  It didn’t seem to be too pleasant of an experience for the animal.

We then headed back to the midway, planning on playing some midway games and going on rides.  Squinty played the game where he had to break two plates with a baseball to win a prize.  He managed to do it twice, and won a giant stuffed shark and a giant stuffed monkey.  We then came to the realization that we would have to carry around a giant stuffed shark and monkey for the rest of the time.

We opted not to go into the freak show to see the fish girl or the “zonkey” – half zebra, half donkey.  Instead, while Squnity held the stuffed animals and our other possessions, Mrs. Cutter and I rode “The Claw.”  The Claw is like the pirate ship ride, except as it swings back and forth, it also spins you around, and strobe lights flash at you.  It’s pretty fun, except there’s also this nagging doubt in your head thinking that these rides are disassembled and reassembled every week, and carnival folk may not exactly be expert engineers.  Does that make the experience more or less fun?  I’m not sure.

After that, we decided to take it a little easier and go for a relaxing ride on the swings.  As gentle of a ride as the swings are, after doing them after the claw, I was feeling a bit dizzy.  I remember as a teenager, I used to do about four spinning rides in a row, and then I’d have a horrible headache.  I think I’ve outgrown those days.

After the rides, I picked out my prize for winning bingo.  I decided on a hat, and anyone who sees me at kickball will probably agree that I made the correct decision.  Finally, we went to the midway game where you try to get a ping pong ball into a bowl, and you win a goldfish.  And I’m happy to report that I succeeded!  I expected to receive a dinky looking fish.  Instead, I was handed an enormous goldfish in a plastic bag!  We took it home, and put it in our old Betta fish’s tank, but the thing might be too big for that small tank.  Honestly, I’d be surprised if the thing survives a week.  I was kinda amazed to see it still swimming this morning.  Let’s just hope that Goldylocks (Mrs. Cutter’s name choice) lasts longer than poor Sleepy The Jesus Fish did.

I’d say the fair was better than just fair.  It was downright good!  And surprisingly not as white trash as I expected.  I didn’t see any mullets, young pregnant girls, or even too many really poorly dressed people.  That was kind of a disappointment.  Maybe they were all busy watching the monster trucks.  Anyway, we’ll definitely plan on going back next year.  Maybe if Goldylocks survives a year, we can get her a friend!


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2 Responses to The Montgomery Country Agricultural Fair

  1. Sweaty says:

    I’d imagine that the goldfish should last pretty long, and if it dies, maybe flushing it down the toilet will clear up the noises coming from the new neighbor much like Jesus took care of the old neighbor.

  2. Squinty says:

    The highlight for me was the sign for barbecue chicken posted right next to the animal area. Somehow that seemed wrong

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