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I’ve got a lot of sports going on in my life.  I played kickball last night where my team managed to blow a seven run lead and had to settle for a tie.  My groin had been a bit sore since football last week, and I think I re-tweaked it a bit.  Thankfully, it feels pretty good today, but I’ll definitely be putting it to the test in the next few days, as we have football on Sunday, and then a dodgeball tournament on Monday.

I’m pretty excited to play dodgeball.  I haven’t played it much past high school gym class, and it should be a lot of fun.  I don’t know if the competition is going to be hardcore or not.  From the looks of the people who were at the preseason happy hour, they don’t look too horribly intimidating.  I could see my team either dominating or losing every game. 

Regardless, by the time Tuesday rolls around, I’m probably going to be incredibly sore.  Mrs. Cutter makes fun of me sometimes, saying that I’m falling apart, and that I’m going to be like my father who always complains about various ailments.  She’s probably right.

A quick aside to talk about professional sports teams, so Mrs. Cutter can feel free to skip over this segment.  The Eagles played their second preseason game last night.  While they won the game, winning and losing in preseason means little.  Their starters on defense looked good, but the offense appeared a bit shaky.  I’m sure it didn’t help that there was a downpour, and the game had to be delayed for awhile due to extreme weather conditions.  I’m still optimistic that they’ll be good this season, since Donovan McNabb looks to be in good shape.  But I have no real bearing on them yet.  I’d like to see a strong performance in the next preseason game.

And I’ve given up on the Phillies.  After being swept by the Dodgers in LA, they’ve now fallen to second place, behind the Mets, who were fortunate enough to play the Nationals this week.  The Phillies supposedly have this great lineup, but they can only score via the home run.  They have no clue how to manufacture runs.  Their starting pitching was supposed to be their weak spot, but that hasn’t been the problem.  The bullpen, which has been a strength all year has been shaky lately, partially due to some key injuries.  This has just been a frustrating season.

Finally, after riding the fair rides the other night, I’ve decided to list my Top Five Amusement Park Rides.  Amusement Park rides can be very diverse, ranging from big roller coasters to more interactive exhibits, so it was kind of hard to come up with a list.  I’m sure I’ve overlooked some things:

5. Jaws: The Ride (Universal Studios) – I don’t know, there’s just something cool about riding around in a boat having actors shoot at audio animatronic sharks.  Maybe Mallrats has caused me to think more highly of this ride than I should.

4. Journey Into Imagination (Epcot Center) – I’m talking the original version with Figment.  They updated the ride and took Figment out, but so many people complained, that they had to put him back.  I don’t think any other ride has music that gets as stuck in your head.

3. The Adventures of Spider-Man (Islands of Adventure) – It’s a 3D ride that features Spider-Man.  What else could one want?

2. Pirates of the Carribean (Magic Kingdom) – If I could only go on one ride in Disney World, it would be this.  It’s not a thrill ride, but even after all the times I’ve been on it, its still exciting.  I am a litle disappointed they re-did the ride and put Johnny Depp into it.  I haven’t seen it since the update, and I’m guessing it will drop in the rankings.

1. Superman: The Ride of Steel (Six Flags America) – This is the biggest drop I’ve ever been on, and it gives the sensation of flying.  There’s no ride that is more fun to be on.


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6 Responses to Sports Sports Sports Sports

  1. Squinty says:

    Sweaty will probably agree with me, it’s still Wild World

  2. Sweaty says:

    Damn right! Squinty, was Adventure World before or after Wild World? I think it was after, because that’s when I first started seeing the ads with Cal in them…

  3. treachx says:

    Maybe I’ll blog about the overratedness of Cal Ripken, Jr.

  4. Sweaty says:

    As an addendum to my previous comment, I am very disappointed that no King’s Dominion roller coasters are on there. I’m also very disappointed that your top five were not of the Bruce Wayne love interests in the Batman movies. I guess I’ll have to call you out on that as well when I post my scathing comments about you and your kickball behavior on the message boards…

  5. treachx says:

    Well, considering there have been only six Batman movies, it didn’t seem like an exciting enough list. And then I’d have to get into the whole “Do you count Katie Holmes/Maggie Gyllenhaal as the same character” debate.

    I like all of KD’s roller coasters, but there’s no absolute standout.

  6. Squinty says:

    Wild World was before Adventure World and the Cal Ripken commercial featuring the Mind Eraser. Back then all I can remember was the Wave Pool and the Wild One. The Wild One was great because there was always the chance it would fall apart while you were on it.

    At Kings Dominion the Hurler was great when it opened, especially since it was a wooden coaster and you get that great creaking sound riding it. Also the Anaconda was good.

    I would mention some rides at Busch Gardens, but I’m banned there so I don’t want to throw them a bone.

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