Short Friday Blog

So despite the residual pain from dodgeball, I was able to play kickball last night.  It took quite a bit of stretching since my entire right side had been sore the whole week, but I was able to play and even pitch.  And I must have done pretty well since my team shut our opponents out and I even had a strike out.  Hooray for me.

Surprisingly enough, this will be a relatively event free weekend.  I’ll probably head to a party tomorrow afternoon, and my team has flag football on Sunday, but aside from that, I’ve got no definite plans.  And for a summer weekend, that is very rare.  Mrs. Cutter and I are probably going to see Transformers at the Strathmore tonight, if anyone is interested in joining us.

Since I don’t have anything else to write about, in honor of the soreness I’ve felt all week, I’ll give you the Top Five Injuries I’ve Suffered While Playing Sports:

5. Pulled hamstring – Earlier this year, while playing kickball, I pulled my hamstring pretty badly when running to first base.  I managed to finish the game, but I was limping a little for weeks.

4. Line drives to stomach and shin – While pitching in softball, I first got a line drive right back into my stomach.  I stayed in the game to pitch only to get a later pitch lined right into my shin, which is of course my greatest weakness.

3. Hit in eye by ball – In my second year of little league, the first baseman threw it to me, and the ball went right into the sun.  I lost track of it, and it nailed me in the eye.  I had a pretty good black eye for about a week.

2. Ball to throat/Ice pack in eye – In a little league game, I had been playing short stop and caught a ground ball in the throat.  When my father tried to open a quick ice pack to put on it, the pack exploded and the liquid got in my eye.  This was not a great game for me.

1. Torn meniscus – It was the last day of school before winter break, and I was having a horrible day at wrestling practice.  I was just moving slow, and finally during one drill, my leg was caught underneath my partner, and our bodies twisted, giving me a light meniscus tear.  Fortunately, I only needed brief rehab and no surgery.


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