Long Island and the Evilness of Dulles Airport

Over the weekend, Mrs. Cutter and I flew to Long Island to visit her family.  Because flights are so espensive these days, we flew JetBlue.  Unfortunately, that meant that we’d have to fly between the two worst airports in America: Dulles and JFK.

I’ve had two bad experiences with Dulles before:

1. When flying to Orlando to meet Mrs. Cutter at a work conference and then go to Disney World, my plane’s crew got stuck somewhere, and because of it the flight was delayed about six hours.  And this was at night, so everything in the airport was closing, and I was stuck there with little to do.  Not that there’s all that much to do in Dulles to begin with.

2. Last year, when going on my company’s mystery trip to somewhere, my group’s plane got delayed, and we were stuck sitting on a bus on the tarmac for hours.  We were eventually dropped off at the Dulles Marriott where we were stuck for another few hours, and eventually had to stay the night.

So despite a successful flight out of Dulles in May, I did not have high hopes.

It was a warning sign when Mrs. Cutter said she was unable to check in online.  When we arrived, there was a huge line in front of the JetBlue counter.  Apparently, all of JetBlue’s computers were down, and they could only check people in manually.  Obviously, this was going to be a problem, especially considering it was the Friday before a holiday weekend.  I realize that this was a problem with JetBlue and not the fault of the airport, but it just seems like something bad happens whenever we fly out of there.

Fortunately, their computers began working again, and they got us through eventually.  The plane’s scheduled takeoff was pushed back by an hour, and after we got on the plane, they had to delay us another fifteen minutes for unknown reasons.  Apparently, the scene at JFK was even worse, which based on the pleasant disposition of most New Yorkers was a total surprise to me.

The flight itself was nice as they have DirecTV consoles on every seat, so I was able to watch WWE SmackDown for most of the flight.

The rest of the weekend went well, although the weather prevented us from going sailing on Saturday as originally planned.  We ate a lot (typical for a trip to Long Island) and went sailing on Mrs. Cutter’s father’s boat on Sunday.  We then spent the night on the boat, which definitely takes some getting used to, as the mattress was hard, and you constantly heard the sound of the water hitting the boat. 

And fortunately, our return flight went without incident.  I have noticed that New Yorkers are paranoid about getting to the airport early.  I guess dealing with the local traffic and the inane setup of JFK has messed with their minds a little.  I’m still trying to deprogram Mrs. Cutter, and make her realize that we don’t have to be so worried at our local airports.

And with Labor Day’s passing, the summer is unofficially over.  It was a good summer though, filled with quite a bit of activity, as any regular reader of this blog should know by now.  I’m just hoping that the Fall season is just as exciting.


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One Response to Long Island and the Evilness of Dulles Airport

  1. Sweaty says:

    I think you should have included your top 5 reasons not to fly out of Dulles. BWI! BWI! BWI!

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