Don’t Eat at Rumors

After being forced to stay inside for most of Saturday due to Hurricane Hannah causing a lot of rain, we went out on Saturday to celebrate the birthday of our friend who we refer to as Under Extreme Gay Suspicion (UEGS). Out of all the places in DC that he could have chosen to have dinner, he chose Rumors. While Rumors is a fine enough bar with a nice outside area, its not exactly the best place to eat in the city.

And after having some subpar nachos for an appetizer, I ordered a Philly cheesesteak for my meal.  I don’t know if there was a correct choice on the menu, but the cheesesteak was definitely the wrong one.  That thing sat on my stomach like a brick.

Afterwards, we headed to the Exchange for a party held by my kickball/football league.  The theme was Hawaiian Luau, which if you know my wardrobe was right up my alley.  Free beer, good people, drinking games, and a Hawaiian theme added up to an excellent party in my book.

Unfortunately, we’d have to wake up early for football the next morning.  I woke up even earlier than planned, because at 8:15 AM, the awful cheesesteak decided that it had spent enough time inside of me. 

My team was supposed to arrive at 11 to referee, but that proved unnecessary as one of the teams that was supposed to play didn’t show up on time.  They still felt entitled to have their game for some reason.  After some arguing, my team eventually played a doubleheader starting at about 11:30 or so.  In the first game, we played as if we had been up late drinking, and got killed.  In the second game, since the team didn’t have enough people, we played them 8 vs. 6, and helped in part by the handicap, we prevailed.  Good times.

It was then off to the bar to watch the Eagles play their first game against the Rams.  Because the flag football games started late, I sadly missed their first touchdown while walking to the bar, and because there were some channel changing issues, I missed the second one too.  Fortunately, they scored five touchdowns on the day en route to a 38-3 annihilation.  And while the Rams might not be especially good this year, its always nice to look as good as the Eagles did.  Many of the things I pointed out as reasons for optimism in my preview came true.  Next week’s game against the Cowboys will be a bigger test though.

And now, its back to work, but only for a four day work week, as next Friday, Mrs. Cutter and I are going on a three day cruise along with some of our friends.  Assuming of course, no hurricanes hit Florida.  So keep your fingers crossed.

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4 Responses to Don’t Eat at Rumors

  1. Sweaty says:

    Oh god. Any food at Rumor’s will cause indigestion. When I worked at the PR firm that shall not be named, that used to be the place of choice for our bosses to take us for company lunches, since it was practically attached to our office building. For the many times that I went there over my almost three years at that job, I have yet to find something on the menu that is even semi-decent. And their version of nachos (i.e. the crumbled broken chips at the bottom of a economy size bag with cheese sprinkled on top and an $8 price tag slapped on it) are the most piss poor nachos in DC.

  2. Austin's Owner says:

    When I lived in DC, Fox did an undercover investigation and found remnants of fecal matter all over their glasses. I vowed never to eat or drink there. Bottoms up!

  3. treachx says:

    Thanks, now I feel that much better about my meal. How the hell do you get fecal matter on glasses?

  4. Austin's Owner says:

    Perhaps employees think that the hand washing signs in the restrooms only apply to patrons! Gross!

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