Trivia Night

On Tuesday night, Mrs. Cutter and I decided to venture to Union Jack’s in Bethesda for their trivia night.  We brought along some top trivia experts for our team: Pinky, Squinty, and TooTall.

The trivia contest consisted of four rounds, and in each round, you were given four questions in different categories, and you could assign varying point levels to each question.  After each question was asked, a song would be played that would provide a small hint towards the answer.  In between each round there were also bonus rounds where teams could earn extra points.

We did fairly well in the early rounds, despite Squinty not being confident enough in his answer to make us use it.  If we lost by one point, I would have blamed him entirely.  Fortunately, there were no Family Guy questions for him to mess up.

In one of the bonus rounds, we had to identify the actor and character name based on a picture from a movie.  Despite my teammates seemingly not wanting me to see the paper, I was able to identify the movies August Rush and Charlie Wilson’s War.

Perhaps my biggest pull was knowing the book series The Magic School Bus, mostly because my mother had once taught the series in her classroom and it sounded somewhat familiar.

Despite not knowing either of the final round answers, we beat the other teams rather handily.  Our reward was a $30 gift card for Union Jacks which we used to pay our bar tab and then split the remainder among us.  It was a satisfactory prize, and a good night.  I could see us going back for the second Tuesday of each month.

Tomorrow, we leave for our cruise to the Bahamas.  Unfortunately, its supposed to be rainy down there all weekend, but hopefully the boat will be able to find some clear skies somewhere.  I’ll be back on Tuesday with a review of how things went.  Assuming of course that Mrs. Cutter and Squinty have not pushed me overboard to collect the insurance money.  If I don’t come back, avenge me!

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