The Cruise – Part One: Arrival

This past weekend, Mrs. Cutter and I took a three-day cruise to the Bahamas along with twelve of our friends.

Our journey began at 5:00 Friday morning when the alarm woke us from our slumber. Not getting a full, peaceful night of sleep would be a theme for the next few days. We had a 7:15 flight, and I was planning to leave the house at 5:30, but Mrs. Cutter apparently thought that if we didn’t leave at 5:20, disaster would strike. Because if there’s a serious accident on the roads, that ten minutes is really going to matter. Once 5:20 hit, she decided her best strategy would be to hover over me, which only served to slow me down and annoy me.

Anyway, as I predicted, there was no traffic, so we got to the airport in plenty of time to hear that our flight would be delayed. We got on board half an hour late, only to be informed that we weren’t yet cleared for takeoff, so we’d have to sit on the runway for another half hour. Considering that we had a connection to make in Charlotte, this was not good news. Fortunately, we arrived in Charlotte in time to hustle our way to the other end of the terminal and catch our flight to Ft. Lauderdale.

When we landed in Ft. Lauderdale, we found that the rest of our group had already arrived and took an earlier shuttle to the cruise ship. Our shuttle took awhile to arrive, but it finally showed and drove us down to Miami where our vessel, the Norwegian Sky, was be waiting. By the time we got to the boat, it had already been a long day. But we were excited as our vacation was truly ready to begin!

One advantage we had over the earlier group was that we got to keep our luggage with us, and could take it directly to our rooms. The others had to hand it over to the ship crew for delivery to their rooms, and therefore weren’t able to change into more comfortable clothes. After a quick lunch at the buffet, we headed to the pool. It was kind of nice that they had a pool designated for adults only, as we weren’t getting crashed into by kids. After a couple hours of swimming and socializing (and of course a brief break to check my fantasy teams on an iPhone), we had to take a break to do the mandatory lifejacket drill. Fortunately, our group leader was an amusing fellow, and the drill wasn’t too painful to sit through.

We headed back to our room for a bit until it was time to meet the other twelve members of our group for dinner at the Italian restaurant Il Adagio. The rest of the group was as follows: Blond Girl with Large Tongue (BGLT), Bouncer, Flasher, Hagar, Lil’ Cutter, Ms. Dramamine, Sharoooo, Squinty, V-Neck, TooTall, Mrs. TooTall (aka Ginger), and Zane!!! Il Adagio was OK, but the service was a bit slow, and I don’t think it was worth the extra $10 cover charge that they require. At the very least, we did get some good pictures taken at dinner.

After dinner, many of the group wanted to partake in some gambling, so we headed to the casino. In the past, I had been able to do decently well at Black Jack. But for the past two years, I have been absolutely horrible at the game. I don’t even get a chance to get comfortable before I get wiped out. I began playing with fifty-five dollars on a ten dollar table. I managed to lose fifty dollars in five hands, and I realized that luck was simply not with me, and I walked away, giving my last $5 chip to Mrs. Cutter who proceeded to lose it at craps. I give myself credit for not gambling any more for the rest of the trip.

Escaping the casino, Squinty and I ventured outside to play a game of ping pong. Ping pong on a cruise ship can be a bit difficult as you have to deal with inconsistent light and wind. But I overcame those obstacles to beat Squinty in both games.

Since my day had begun at 5:00, and there would be some busy days to come, I decided to end the day relatively early. Unfortunately, we learned that everyone else on the ship apparently ended their night early and would be walking above us and in the hallway at 7 AM. Oh well, I guess it wouldn’t be the kind of vacation where we got a lot of sleep.

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2 Responses to The Cruise – Part One: Arrival

  1. Sweaty says:

    This is what two years of having noisy neighbors should design you for! Noisy people walking above you! I like exclamation points!

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