Hectic Weekend

The past weekend was not exactly a restful one.

On Friday night, Mrs. Cutter and I went with a few friends to see The Second City comedy group at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse.  We had seen Second City in Toronto, and they were hilarious.  They were good here, but not as good as in Toronto.  Maybe because this show was more politically themed.

Saturday morning, I drove Mrs. Cutter to Ballston where she was going on a girls wine tour on the Boomerang Bus.  She promised not to get too ridiculously drunk, but I was skeptical, as wine and Mrs. Cutter don’t always mix well.

I would be busy all day with my kickball team’s playoffs.  We had a good team assembled so I was optimistic about our chances.  We won our first game, but sadly lost the next.  We made a bunch of mistakes, and didn’t play especially well, so the loss was deserved.  With only 13 people showing up, I found you can actually get pretty sore from two games of kickball.

With my car parked on Madison Drive, I quickly found that it would not be easy getting out of the city and back to Ballston to pick up Mrs. Cutter.  Because of where I was parked, I had to drive in front of one of the Smithsonians just as it was closing.  That meant a constant stream of people using the crosswalk.  Making matters worse was that I was behind a few cabs who decided to just stop and wait to see if anyone wanted a cab. 

I tried to get off that street and get onto Constitution Avenue, but no left turns were allowed, so I had to circle the block to get there.  It took me about 45 minutes from getting into my car to get out to Ballston.  But at least Mrs. Cutter kept her word and was relatively sober.  Which is good, because if she wasn’t, I might have left her behind.

After picking up Mrs. Cutter we made a brief stop at home and then hit the road for Pennsylvania.  I thought it would be pleasant to listen to the Phillies playoff game on the ride home, but instead of playing well, and clinching the series, they decided to suck in that game. 

The next morning, we had waffles at my parents house, and then drove to the train station to catch the train to Lincoln Financial Field to see the Eagles take on the Redskins.  After a bus ride, and a subway transfer, we arrived.  When we got there, we each got a sample of Turkey Hill’s Eagles Touchdown Sundae, which seemed to have chocolate and peanut butter.  I liked it, Mrs. Cutter did not.

After wandering around the stadium area and taking in the pregame sights, we made our way to our seats.  Not a bad view.  There was one loud Redskins fan in our section who was well on his way to getting his ass kicked before security pulled him aside and apparently told him to calm down, because he was pretty quiet the rest of the way.

The game started off well as the Eagles marched down the field on their first drive, and then scored on a punt return on their next.  Things looked great, but little did we know that the team would play horribly for the rest of the day.  The crowd seemed to be distracted by the fact that the Phillies were playing their playoff game at the same time, and everyone was quietly wondering what was going on there.

The Redskins dominated the final three quarters and won the game, and we had to file out of the stadium and onto the subway with a ton of disgruntled fans.  People are now seeing the light and turning on coach Andy Reid for his crappy coaching skills.  The Phillies win was little consolation at this point because we were all bathed in such negative psychic energy from that depressing game.

We made it back to the train station, and then drove back home.  And then, back to work on Monday.  It was a fun weekend, full of activity, but it was one of those that you feel you need another weekend to recover from.

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