Phillies: National League Champs

Last night, the Phillies beat the Dodgers 5-1 to become the National League champions for the first time since 1993.  Hopefully, this time the World Series goes better than it did in 1993.  The AL Champion has yet to be decided with the Tampa Bay Rays leading the Boston Red Sox 3 games to 1.  I’m not sure which opponent I’d prefer.  The Red Sox have the playoff experience and if they can come back from this deficit, they’ll have a lot of momentum and confidence.  On the other hand, the Rays have a very talented team.

Regardless, it won’t be easy for the Phillies.  Then again, winning the World Series is never easy.  If it was, they’d have done it more than once.

This will be only the second time that I can really actually enjoy them being there.  In 1980, I was way too young.  I vaguely remember watching some of the games in 1983, but I was too young to appreciate what was happening.  Sadly, I was fully aware of what happened in 1993.  Joe Bleepin’ Carter.

I’d have to say that Monday’s Game 4 of the series was the best Phillies win I’ve ever watched.  Some of the games in 1993 were pretty exciting, but for some of them, I couldn’t even watch the end of the game because I had gotten so worked up about it.  So Monday’s game is now #1 in my mind.  Hooray for Shane Victorino and Matt Stairs for their home runs.

It’s gonna be a long seven days until the World Series begins next Wednesday.  Annoyingly, the Eagles have a bye this week, so I don’t even have them to pass the time.  Oh well, I’ll just have to try to sit back and savor this time.

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