The Halloween Season Begins

Ah, its the middle of October, so that means the “Halloween Season” is upon us.  For a holiday that isn’t government or religious related (OK, I realize that the holiday’s origins are religious, but since its not a holiday for one of the world’s current major religions, I don’t count it), it sure gets a lot of attention from people.  I guess people really enjoy dressing up as stuff.

This past Saturday, Ms. Dramamine was kind enough to host a Halloween party at her house.  She went all out for this, with plenty of Halloween decorations, candy, and some spiked cider.  Since the Jewish holiday of Simchas Torah is coming up this week, I convinced her to also incorporate a Simchas Torah theme into the festivities.

Mrs. Cutter and I went dressed as Barney and Betty Rubble.  Mrs. Cutter purchased her costume from the store, but she didn’t realize that a medium Halloween costume is really an extra large, so she had to take it in a bit.  Feeling very seamstressy, she decided to make my costume for me, and sewed up a piece of brown fabric into Barney’s outfit.  She did an excellent job on it.  I was never able to find a blond wig to complete the look, but I suppose there are more Halloween parties yet to come.  Helping us out were Sweaty and Mrs. Sweaty who went as Fred and Wilma.  Too bad we didn’t have a Flinstones car to ride around in.

Going with the Simchas Torah theme, I constructed a Torah out of materials found at the dollar store.  I taped two paper towel rolls together, and mounted them on turkey basters.  I then hung blue tassels from the basters and covered it with blue fabric.  It actually looked pretty good.  After midnight, we removed it from the ark (The hall closet), paraded outside with it, and then danced the Horah.  We then read the last word, and the first word of the Torah to complete the ceremony.  Good times!

Of course, the party left us feeling a bit sluggish for Sunday when our kickball team would be playing in the Championship of the Universe tournament.  We thought our season was over, but apparently we did well enough in the regular season to earn an invite.

In our first game, we were tied with our opponents in the bottom of the last inning.  My team had the bases loaded and two outs, and I was up.  If I get a base hit, we win and I am the hero.  If I get out, we have to keep playing, and I am deemed the goat forever.  With a couple of strikes, I was fooled by a pitch, and made a desperate effort trying to foul it off and stay alive.  Inadvertantly, in doing so, I delivered a perfect bunt down the third base line that allowed the runner on third base to dive home with the winning run.  As they said on the Simpsons: I pulled a Homer!

In our next game, we did not fare so well.  Late in the game, I had a chance to do some real damage, but I could only fly out harmlessly to center field.  After that, someone pointed out to me what I was doing wrong with my kicks.  I used to have a great line drive kick, but I lost my touch this season.  Oh well.  Looks like kickball is over until the winter season begins in December.

Big week coming up.  The Phillies take on the Devil Rays in the World Series starting on Wednesday.  And on Saturday, Mrs. Cutter and I are going with friends to a haunted trail.  Let the Halloween madness continue!


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