Flip cup, flooding, and the Phillies

Last night, our kickball league had its flip cup championship of the universe.  The winning teams from the various different kickball chapters would compete to see which team was the overall best.  While I hadn’t played on the original six person team that won the Thursday night title, for this tournament it would be 10-on-10, so I would be needed. 

There was some tension as some members of our team were also on another team (They play two different nights) and because of that, when the two teams faced off, sides had to be chosen.  Fortunately, our best players sided with us, which gave us a huge advantage.

I had already won a flip cup championship last winter, so I was already in possession of a medal.  Mrs. Cutter had never won a medal before, so she really wanted to win this one.

There was an unusual twist in that we would be using two different cups to flip: A large red cup, and a much smaller blue cup.  Each member of the team would flip the red cup first, and then go back down the row with the blue cups.

My flip cup skills are inconsistent.  In the past I’ve had nights where I’m on fire, and other nights where I’m a bit shaky.  In the championships for last winter, I did OK, but was mostly carried by my teammates.  I am happy to say that last night I brought my A game, and was an asset in helping our team capture the championship.   In basketball terms, I was more of a Robert Horry than a Will Perdue in terms of my contributions.  Mrs. Cutter and I now both have shiny trophies to show off to everyone. 

Sadly, that was about it for good news last night.

The Phillies managed to show epic futlity in batting with runners on base, and fell to the Devil Rays by a score of 4-2.  They seemed to be inventing new ways to not score runs.  I have to figure that with all the runners they’ve been getting on base, its only a matter of time until they break through.  I just hope that breakthrough doesn’t come too late.  Anyway, after winning game one, they at least have home field advantage with the next three games being played in Philly.  Here’s hoping that Jamie Moyer pitches well tomorrow. 

In other bad news, when we returned home, we found that somehow the toilet had leaked all over the bathroom floor.  The bathroom was flooded and some of the hallway carpet had gotten wet as well.  We’re not sure how this happened exactly.  When we got home, the water level in the tank was low, so the water kept running, but we couldn’t figure out how exactly the water had gotten out of the toilet.  There were no visible leaks, and after turning the water on and off, and flushing, it seemed to be functioning as expected.  Our condo maintenance crew was coming by to look at it, so maybe they can figure out what happened.

Since I was playing flip cup last night, I’ll list my Top Five Favorite Beers (in no particular order)

5. Natural Light – Yeah, this beer pretty much was a staple of the diet throughout college.  And while its not an especially good beer, there is something kinda cool about being able to drink a six-pack and barely feel the effects.

4. Bud Light – Is there anything more American than Bud Light?  Well, yes, considering Budweiser was recently sold to a foreign company.  But hey, they still have good commercials!

3. Amstel Light – If I’m out and want to feel like I’m drinking a grown up beer, this is usually what I order.

2. Woodchuck Granny Smith Cider – Despite the ridicule I face when drinking this, I do enjoy me some cider.

1. JW Dundee’s Honey Brown – Tasty!  I only wish this beer was easier to find.


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One Response to Flip cup, flooding, and the Phillies

  1. Squinty says:

    Yes, Honey Brown is often hard to find. Usually it requires a trip to the beer/wine store, or any 7-11 in a county that isn’t MoCo.

    Major props to Tick Tock.

    Sweaty, can I get a whoo whoo?

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