Election Day

Today is election day.  If projections are to believed, there may be a record turnout.  Based on the stories I’ve heard from others, there have indeed been long lines at polling places.  That’s probably a good thing, as it shows that Americans are actually concerned about the future of the country. 

I have not voted as of yet.  I spent some of this morning researching candidates for some of the positions that are on the ballot.  I think I have made my decision on most of them.  I’m planning on going over after 2 when I figure the crowds will be the thinnest.

Obviously, the big election is for President of the United States.  This is the fourth time I have voted for President.  I’m currently 1-2 as far as voting for winners go, although the candidate I voted for has won the state/district I voted in each time.  Hopefully, I can continue that streak, and based on preliminary poll results, I will.

I suppose this is a fairly historic election, although by nature, every election is historic.  But on side you have the first minority candidate, and on the other side you have the second female VP candidate.  So either way, we’re going to get history made.  I do hope that most of America doesn’t vote for one side or another because they do or don’t want a minority as President, or because they do or don’t want a woman as Vice President.  Look at the candidates’ political records, their platforms, and think about how they would handle running the country.  Don’t just have it boil down to white guy vs. black guy.

Depending on who wins, Mrs. Cutter and I may be attending the Inaugural Ball at The George Washington University.  I attended the one there my freshman year of college, and it was pretty cool even if Clinton did not make an appearance.  Of course, if the other guy wins, we probably will be too disgusted to go.

Anyway, a final reminder to go out and vote.  Unless you’re voting for McCain.  Then I’m sure you could find some other way to spend your time.


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3 Responses to Election Day

  1. Squinty says:

    You’re a half game behind me, I’m 2-2

  2. Mrs. Cutter says:

    I’m 0-2. I’m hoping that this will be the year for me.

  3. Melaina25 says:

    We are considering the GW ball as well since we bought flights to DC for the inauguration. I went in 2000, but I’m hoping this will be more fun since I’m actually happy about the person being inaugurated.

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