Back From Long Island

I’m a bit tired today.  Mrs. Cutter and I spent the weekend in Long Island, but to avoid having to use a vacation day, we took a 7:40 AM flight home this morning.  Getting up that early is always tough, but it was made worse by the fact that the Eagles played on Sunday night.

Last night did not change my low opinion of Sunday Night Football, even though the broadcast wasn’t as horrendous as usual.  But of course in typical Eagles on Sunday Night Football fashion, they managed to be as frustrating as ever.  They got outplayed, but still managed to keep it close to the point where a few late mistakes killed them.  I’ll give credit to the New York Giants though.  At season’s beginning, I didn’t think they were that good a team, and thought they just got hot at the right time last year.  But that team is very good, and knows how to win football games.

As for the Eagles, I think the rest of the world should be happy that Andy Reid chose to become a football coach and not a truck driver:

“Here I am, driving my 15 foot tall truck.  Oh, that overpass only has a clearance of 14 feet.  Well, even though the truck didn’t fit the last two times I tried to fit it there, I’m gonna try it again.  Surely, it will work this time!  Oh no!  Somehow I didn’t make it yet again!”

I don’t know how a seemingly intelligent football coach can make the same stupid mistakes game after game, year after year.  I need to stop getting annoyed by him.  I just need to keep reminding myself that the Phillies just won the World Series, and we’re still in happy land! 

And speaking of happy land, the trip to Long Island went about as expected.  We hit the outlets for the purpose of buying gifts for people, but ended up spending more on ourselves.  I got new sneakers – The 2009 Air Cutters! – and a new pair of Dockers.  We had huge dinners on both Saturday and Sunday nights, so I probably gained about five pounds despite going for a jog yesterday afternoon.  Guess I’ll have to hit the gym pretty hardcore this week.

People in Long Island do need to appreciate the fact that it isn’t easy getting up there.  It’s an annoying drive, so its not especially feasible to drive up just for the weekend.  And plane fares are much more expensive than they used to be, so we can’t just hop up there anytime we please.  We’ve got to pick and choose our spots, especially considering we’ll be doing a lot of wedding related travel in 2009.

I know that Mrs. Cutter will believe this when she sees this, but I almost think I need a break from watching sports on TV.  After watching the baseball playoffs and plenty of football, my head nearly explodes at the sight of a few commercials.  Enough has been said about the horrid “Saaaaved by Zeeero” commercials, but the Bud Light “Drinkability” commercials (The ones where everyone has to freeze in place) have become incredibly tiresome as well.  And I can safely say that any good memories I ever had of the movie Vacation have been ruined by the DirecTV commercial with Christie Brinkley.

“This is crazy!  This is crazy!  This is crazy!”  No, what’s crazy is that I think Chevy Chase’s career tanked only because karma somehow knew he would one day help create one of the worst, most overplayed commercials ever.  Serves him right.

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2 Responses to Back From Long Island

  1. Sweaty says:

    It amazes me that even though the economy is in the tank, and companies need more than ever to drive people to their product, commercials have reached heights of crappiness not seen in many years. How many times can you reinvent the wheel? You can dip into that “Should have switched to Direct TV by recycling old movie clips” only so many times.

    One of two theories on this come to mind: companies are cutting their budgets for advertising, thus reducing the amount of new and original campaigns out there, or the ad people are just too damn lazy to care that no one likes their ads. Actually, a third (and maybe the most realistic) theory comes to mind as well: The “Head On” effect: a consumer hears a commercial that they hate that repeats something over and over (for Head On, a cream that you applied directly to the forehead, the commerical was basically the announcing saying “Head On, apply directly to the forehead three times. And a graphic of someone smearing the stuff to their foreheads) that they get it stuck in their brains. They hate it so much, that the message sticks with them. I think this could be the motivation behind Toyota’s Save by Zero ads, but I don’t think it explains the Bud Light one; it just seems that Bud Light is rolling over, playing dead, waving the white flag, and saying “You got us, Coors and Miller Lite; we just can’t outsmart old coaches press conferences with Coors Light advocates posing as questioners (by the way Coors Brewing Company: if you want people in Baltimore to buy more of your product; might want to ease up on showing so many Brian Billick ads in the city; he’s not the most popular guy in town) and “The Commish” are too creative for us to combat. Here, have a freeze frame.

    Where are the geniuses who created the old Bud Light ads? Remember Real Men of Genius? Those were classic! Leave these drinkability ads in the dust!

    At least Rock Band gets it with their new Heidi Klum ads. There’s one way to sell a product to the male demographic: show a scantly clad supermodel in her undies using the product. WORKS. EVERY. TIME.

    Sorry, you know how I get when the subject of commercials gets brought up in your blogs.

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