The Cutter vs. The Rain

Once again, it is raining here in the DC area.  This should not come as a surprise to anyone, because it feels like it has rained every day this month.  Overall, 2008 has probably been the rainiest year that I can remember.  This overload of rain is especially bad for me, as although I have never been officially diagnosed, I think I have a mild case of seasonal affective disorder.  Rain causes me to feel irrational anger and depression.  When we have a stretch of constant rain as we do now, it makes it that much worse.  At least this current bout of constant rain hasn’t cancelled any outdoor activities for me.  When stuff I want to do gets cancelled because of the rain, I get really pissed off.  But its still annoying when I have to drive through this crap every day.

I first noticed my severe dislike for rain in April 2003 right after I bought my convertible.  It was beautiful the first two days I had the car, and then it seemingly rained for two straight months.  That meant that I was not able to actually put the convertible’s top down.  Making matters worse, I soon discovered that my car’s roof had some drainage problems, causing water to drip into the exterior of the car if it rained for a period of more than a day.

This caused me to absolutely despise driving in the rain, since getting dripped on when trying to manipulate your way through traffic is extremely frustrating.  At least I now have a new, waterproof convertible that does not drip on me.  If I still had my old car, I’m fairly certain I would have killed someone this year. 

Unfortunately, the new car hasn’t fixed the other problem with driving in the rain: People who can’t seem to drive if there’s any precipitation.  Just because there’s some rain, it doesn’t mean you have to go ten miles under the speed limit.  Nor does it mean that you have to slam on your brakes every five seconds. 

In cheerier news, the Temple University basketball team begins its season today.  Temple was always my favorite team as a child, but this decade hasn’t been that good to them for the most part, as the program slowly declined under their former Hall of Fame coach John Chaney.  After Chaney left in 2006, I said I was going to drop them as my favorite team, but I think that was more of a trial separation for me.  I still followed them, and the dedication paid off as last year, under new coach Fran Dunphy, they made a surprising run in the Atlantic 10 tournament, and won the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.  Unfortunately, they were handled pretty easily in the first round by Michigan State, but it was still exciting to see them back in the Big Dance after a six year absence.

As for my alma mater, the George Washington University, after three straight NCAA tournament appearances, everything kind of fell apart for them last year, and they had a disasterous season.  Now, nobody is predicting much success for them this year, but I think that they’ll actually rebound and stay in contention for the Atlantic 10 title all year.  Sometimes its better to sneak up on people.

Anyway, Mrs. Cutter and I are supposed to go on a booze bus trip to Baltimore tomorrow.  That should be fun for us, except that we’ll undoubtedly get soaked, because – surprise! – the forecast calls for rain.

In my original post, I forgot to include a top five list as I usually present on Fridays.  So, as an addendum, my Top Five Favorite Temple Basketball Players of all time:

5. William Cunningham – Or as my father called him, “Bonehead.” He came in with a lot of hype, but sadly never became much of an offensive threat.  Still, provided tough, although sometimes illegal defense on the inside, like when he clotheslined Jalen Rose in the NCAA tournament.

4. Johnny Miller – Only played for two seasons, but the kid was fearless.  Would do a bizarre crossover and take bizarre looking shots that would often go in.

3. Quincy Wadley – A very underrated part of the late 90s teams.  All he did was play lockdown defense and seemingly make every big shot.

2. Aaron McKie – Excellent shooting guard who teamed with Eddie Jones to take the Owls to the 1993 Elite 8.  Could score from anywhere on the court.  Went on to have a successful pro career.

1. Juan “Pepe” Sanchez – One of the greatest pure point guards ever.  He could control a game without taking a shot, and if not for an injury his senior year would have been the NCAA’s all-time steals leader.  If given the right shot, he could have been as good as Jason Kidd in the pros.  As some consoltaion, he earned a gold medal in the 2004 Olympics playing for Argentina.

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