Alumni Weekend, Atlantic City, and Chinese Democracy

This weekend is my fraternity’s alumni weekend.  Which means that tonight there is a dinner in Georgetown for the alumni, and later, we all visit the fraternity house to introduce ourselves to the new pledges, and make sure they know their knowledge and other useful information which will serve them well as future brothers.  It’s an experience that’s beneficial for everyone, although the pledges will probably have to grow into their appreciation for it.

Tomorrow morning, there will be a football game played between the alumni and the active brothers.  Yes, a bunch of old guys playing a bunch of college kids.  It sounds unfair, but we do have the advantage that college kids don’t function well before noon, and they’ll be up late the night before.  That may be our only advantage though.  There’s a good chance I’m going to be mighty sore come tomorrow afternoon.

The big weekend has prompted my old roommate – the former Smithers – to come visit.  I just hope he isn’t feeling nostalgic for the midtown bars like the Madhatter, because there’s almost no chance that I will step foot in that place on a Friday night.

After this weekend, I’ll definitely need some time to recover.  But that’s OK since next week is Thanksgiving, and I will only be working for two days.  On Wednesday, I take my annual trip to Atlantic City.  Since I’ll be staying in town for the holiday, this means we’ll be taking a bus trip up there.  A good deal as it costs only $35 and you get $20 worth of gaming credits with it.  I just hope they show Miss Congeniality or some other movie starring Benjamin Bratt while we’re on board!

And one more big event this weekend: On Sunday, Guns N’ Roses finally releases their new album Chinese Democracy.  This album has been a long time coming.  In fact, today’s college students don’t even remember when their last original albums (Use Your Illusion I and II – The Spaghetti Incident? was an all-covers album) came out.

Sure, it may really be an Axl Rose solo album.  But damn it, I loved GNR when I was younger.  So on Sunday, I guess I’ll be heading out to Best Buy to get it.  Maybe I’ll write a review next week.

And in that spirit, my Top Five Favorite Guns N’ Roses Songs:

5. Welcome to the Jungle – This one still gets a lot of play at sporting events. 

4. Bad Apples – An obscure song off of UYI I, but always one of my favorites.

3. Mr. Brownstone – A bad ass song about drug use.  Everything a rock song should be.

2. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – It’s a remake, but its a damn good remake, especially the live version.

1. Paradise City – One of my favorite songs of all time.

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