The Pants Problem

So I recently bought two new pairs of pants.  One pair was a light khaki cargo pant by Union Bay.  The other was a flat front pant by Dockers.  I had them both shortened, because apparently the pants making companies of America decided that nobody wore pants shorter than a 30 length.

Anyway, after getting them back and washing them, I wore the Dockers yesterday.  And I don’t know if they shrunk in the wash, but it was not a comfortable experience, as the pants were way too small in the crotch.  As in whoever designed these things must not have been very well endowed.  I do not have that problem, so the pants did not work too well for me.  See, everyone assumes that being its all fun and games being well equipped.  There are drawbacks though!  If anyone ever wonders why I rarely tuck in my shirt, this is why.  I’ve got enough going on down there as is without my shirt getting in the way.

Maybe the pants did just shrink a little, and I should try them again, but I don’t know if I can take another day of that.  It was such a relief to get to the gym and change into my gym shorts.

So today I’m wearing the new cargo pants, and these seem to be especially big.  Maybe they just feel that way after yesterday’s ordeal, or I just need to tighten the belt a little.  But they definitely seem to be a bit too roomy.  Can’t pants makers find a happy medium here?  Still, it is much more comfortable for the pants to be too roomy rather than too tight.

I attended the live WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Verizon Center on Monday.  I didn’t have high hopes for the show, as early December is usually a bit of a down period for the WWE, since they don’t start building towards WrestleMania until the turn of the new year.

As far as live shows go, it was decent.  I’ve seen some bad shows, and I’ve seen some great shows, and this one seemed to fall smack in the middle.  None of the matches stood out as being too great, but there were no stinkers either.  After the TV portion of the show ended, they had the hometown favorite, Batista come out and wrestle an impromptu match with Chris Jericho.  He dominated Jericho to make the fans happy and them implored everyone to support the Washington Wizards.

Tomorrow night, the indoor kickball season begins.  Indoor kickball is played inside a gym, so you can catch the ball off the wall.  It’s a lot different than the outdoor game, as its generally more intense.  My team kind of sucked in the regular season last year, but then we got hot and made a nice run in the playoffs.  I’m hoping that we can play well throughout the entire season this year.


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