One Year on the Job

Today marks my one year anniversary at my job. It’s amazing how fast time can pass. It seems like I was just leaving my old company, and getting acclimated at the new place. Based on the events that have transpired this past week, it looks as if the move was a good one. The company looks poised to make a few big sales for next year, so they should be OK financially. And I had my annual review which went very well. They seem to really like me here, and gave me much more praise than even I thought I deserved. But hey, I’m not going to complain. If your boss says good things about you, it’s probably not in your best interest to disagree.

On the other hand, my former company laid off 17 peoplethis week. Apparently the economic downturn has hit them pretty hard, since there had been other cuts in the weeks leading up to this. I’m not sure why they chose to do the layoffs immediately before Christmas. Even though they gave people severance packages, its still a bad time to be unemployed. And the morale for everyone who survived can’t exactly be high either. They essentially told everyone that there’s going to be a lot more work to go around, and that they shouldn’t expect a pay raise anytime soon. Way to get people fired up to do their jobs!

Of course giving out raises was never the company’s strong suit to begin with. I was underpaid throughout most of my time working there, and the only way I seemed to get a raise was by either threatening to leave, or making a huge stink about how underpaid I was. Just to put the situation in contrast, I got a raise today, on my one year anniversary of employment! If they really want to save money, maybe they should consider losing some of the high paid managers who don’t actually do anything. That way, they can reward the lower level people who actually contribute towards the company’s well being. Then again, that’s just the way things are in business. It’s always the hard working lower level people who take the brunt, and the high level people who mismanaged things get off easy.

So how will I spend my new raise? I’ll probably just put more money into savings or a retirement account. After all, now is the time to buy on the stock market. But some of the money will likely go towards getting LASIK next year. I had a consultation with a doctor at LASIK Plus yesterday, and after my exame, they said that I would be a good candidate for the surgery. Of course, I’ve now been doing research on the web about LASIK, and have come across a few horror stories of laser eye surgery gone wrong. Obviously, any medical procedure can go wrong, and you’re always going to get a few negative stories, but it is frightening to think that eyesight can be damaged due to elective surgery. Still, it would be nice to not have to worry about wearing glasses or contact lenses anymore, so I am definitely leaning towards doing it.

As for the future of this blog, in theory we will get a guest contribution from longtime reader Sweaty. And on Sunday, since the Eagles are on Monday night, I may provide a running commentary of the Redskins vs. Bengals game this Sunday. Can the Redskins do any better against the Bengals than the Eagles did? Hopefully not!


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One Response to One Year on the Job

  1. melaina25 says:

    Both my Dad and Grandpa had LASIK. My Grandpa is 90 and doesn’t need to wear glasses, he loves it. I’m very tempted, but nervous myself about it…

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