Happy New Year?

And we’ve come to January.  January is not one of my favorite months.  After what seems like a month long party in December (Plenty of vacation!  Office parties!  Holiday get togethers!  Presents!) we come to January which is usually colder and a lot less exciting.  And you come to the sad realization that its not going to get any warmer for a few more months.

January did start off pretty well with an Orange Bowl party on New Years Day and then my Best Day Ever celebration on the 2nd.  Best Day Ever was originally going to be a repeat of last summer’s power hour.  But then, I invited along the girlfriends/wives, and then other people who I ran into/talked to along the way, and it grew into something different.  It involved playing a drinking game to our wedding video, power hour, and board games.

Possibly because of the overindulgences of the New Years weekend, yesterday I woke up feeling sick.  I could barely get out of bed, and considered taking a sick day, but I couldn’t bear to use a sick day on the first work day of the year.  And I did feel somewhat better once I got up, but still I wasn’t too great.  Today, I’ve improved somewhat, but am still not at full strength.  I could have gone to tonights Flyers vs. Capitals game at the Verizon Center, but decided to stay home instead.

At least I do have some fun activities planned for this January.  Indoor kickball resumes, and in another week our dodgeball season will begin.  Over MLK day weekend, Mrs. Cutter and I are planning a vacation.  At this point, it looks like we’ll be going to Colorado to go skiing.  Neither one of us has ever been skiing out West before (and I think I’ve only gone skiing once in the past ten years) so this should be something different.

And of course, the Eagles are still alive in the playoffs.  They had an exciting win over the Vikings this past Sunday and move onto a game against the defending champions, the New York Giants.  Normally, this would look like a very difficult game, but the Eagles did win at New York last month, and the Giants will of course be without self-shooting receiver Plaxico Burress.  So the game will be tough (all playoff games are) but far from impossible.

So hey, this may turn out to be a good month after all.

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