Down with the Sickness

Last week, I started to feel a little sick on Monday, but rested up for a few days and felt much better.  Well, apparently, my system wasn’t fully recovered, because after a weekend of partying, now I’m feeling much worse.  I’ve come to realize that the whole sick day setup at work is flawed.  They give you all your sick days at the beginning of the year.  But since they have to last all year, you’re reluctant to use them early on.  Unfortunately, due to the weather, you’re much more likely to get sick in January or February than later in the year. 

But anyway, I’m at work, and not especially happy about it.  Hopefully, I’ll feel better as the day goes on, since tonight, my winter dodgeball team makes its debut.  We’ve got a lot of players, so I won’t have to overdo it, but I’d still like to not be dead on my feet out there.  Dodgeball is strenuous enough if you’re feeling healthy.  If I’m lightheaded and slow, I’m probably going to suffer greatly.

I also need to feel better by the weekend since Mrs. Cutter and I are flying to Colorado to go skiing.  Mrs. Cutter has wanted to go skiing out West for awhile, so this will be a treat for her.  I used to ski all the time in middle and high school, but I think I’ve gone maybe twice in the past ten years.  So it would definitely be nice if I was at full strength.

Of course, I will have to find time to watch the NFC Championship Game on Sunday, since the Eagles will be taking on the Arizona Cardinals for the right to go to the Super Bowl.  This is a matchup that absolutely nobody predicted, since neither team won 10 games in the regular season.

I get a kick out of people complaining that the “regular season is meaningless” now that we’ve had so many lower seeds upset higher seeds in this year’s playoffs.  What really amuses me is that many of the people doing the complaining are Giants fans.  If there is any fan base that doesn’t have any room to complain, it is the Giants’.  Remember, this is the team that was the 5th seed in the NFC last year, went on to win three games on the road, and pull of one of the greatest Super Bowl upsets ever.  If there was ever a team that made the regular season irrelevant, it was last year’s Giants.

And for a second, I almost felt bad for Giants fans.  I know what it feels like to have an insane wide receiver screw up a season for you.  Of course, then I look at Eli Manning’s sad face as he walks off in defeat, and I remember that somehow this assclown has a Super Bowl ring.  I don’t feel bad for Giants fans after that.  If your team wins a title with Eli Manning as your quarterback, you lose the right to complain about anything.

Well, I’m going to go have another cough drop and huddle around my space heater.  I can’t tell if I’m so cold because I’m sick, or because its really cold out and the office doesn’t have much insulation.  Regardless, this sucks.


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