Breckenridge – Part Two

After 10 hours of sleep on Sunday night, we were up early on Monday morning and ready to go.  We were once again able to get an early start on the day, and after a quick breakfast and some stretching, we were back out on the slopes.  While we didn’t feel too sore in general from the prior day’s skiing, once we started down the mountain, we both began to feel it a little.   My left quad and my right knee both felt a bit sore, as I make the majority of turns to my left.

Despite the minor soreness, we moved up to some more difficult terrain, hitting some blue/black trails, and even a couple of difficult black diamonds.  Neither Mrs. Cutter nor myself felt that comfortable doing all mogul runs, but we accidentally did a couple of them as well.  At my current skill level, I much prefer trails where there is some smooth terrain as well.  That allows me to ski into, and then back out of the moguls.

Once it got past 2, both of us were feeling pretty sore in the legs, and couldn’t do much more.  We took one last run, and then once again skiied down the 4 o’clock trail back to the hotel.  Since we were both tired and sore, we decided to make use of our room’s hot tub.  It wasn’t blazingly hot, but it felt really good.  And to answer the question that I’m sure everyone is asking: Yes, we did make full use of the hot tub.

We hit up a local pizza place for dinner.  The food was good, but it didn’t sit that right with me, and I had to make a quick pit stop.  Fortunately, the closest place to stop was the Breckenridge Historical Society.  We decided to look around for a little bit and learn the history of the town.  For anyone who is curious, it used to be a mining town, but they pretty much trashed the environment.  Eventually, it was cleaned up and made into a big ski resort.

The hotel awesomely provided free access to a DVD rental machine.  Since Baby Mama was already rented, we opted for Harold and Kumar 2.  Unfortunately, either the disk was bad, or the DVD player in our room didn’t work well, and the movie kept freezing.  After a couple of restarts, we gave up half way through, so if anyone has seen the whole thing, please don’t spoil it for us.

Tuesday morning, we got up and headed back to the airport.  We wanted to stop for breakfast along the way, but this proved more difficult than we expected.  We saw a sign for a place called the Smiling Moose Deli, so we programmed that into our GPS.  For some reason, the GPS took us to a residential neighborhood that was well out of our way, and there didn’t seem to be any delis in the vicinity.  We then tried to go to Starbucks, but apparently in the mountains, they don’t cook breakfast food.  We eventually gave up and decided to just get something at the airport.  I had an egg sandwich from Einstein Bagels that was quite disappointing.

We had a layover in Detroit, and considering the time zone shift, it was a long day of travel.  Of course, since we flew into to Dulles, something inconvenient had to happen to us.  You’d think that the parking shuttles would run frequently, but we ended up standing outside in sub-freezing temperatures for over twenty minutes waiting for it.  I hate Dulles.

Despite that last annoyance, it was an excellent trip.  I would recommend Breckenridge to any avid skiier, and I would especially recommend staying at the River Mountain Lodge.


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