The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul

And with last night’s Super Bowl, the 2008-2009 NFL season officially comes to a close.  Unless of course you count next week’s Pro Bowl.  But I think in my lifetime I may have watched a total of 15 minutes of the Pro Bowl.

What’s with people calling last night’s Super Bowl the best ever?  It would be one thing if it was still the 90s and we had a run of several crappy games in a row.  In that case, I might excuse a bit of hyperbole.  But this decade, most of the Super Bowls have been good, competitive games.  While last night’s game was good, I didn’t think it was even as good as last year’s game between the Giants and Patriots.

My thoughts on the game and the broadcast:

  • I’m not saying that it was the only reason they won, but could the refs stop helping the Steelers out in the Super Bowl?  Every key call went against the Cardinals, and they did a good job of making sure that any call that went against the Steelers was mostly harmless.
  • And really, the officials didn’t think that it was necessary to review the last play?  It sure looked like Warner’s arm was going forward.  Even if there was inconclusive evidence, I can’t believe that they wouldn’t even take a second look at the last play of the Super Bowl.
  • Didn’t watch Bruce at halftime, as I was engaged in halftime flip cup.  I have watched the crotch slide several times though.  Is it really the best Super Bowl ever if the most lasting image people will have is of the Boss’ crotch?
  • OK, Kurt Warner’s wife looks better, but let’s not go overboard in calling her hot.
  • Thanks to Johnny Minion, I got to watch the 3D commercials with the special 3D glasses.  They were really nothing special.  The coolest part was in the Chuck commercial when they threw the knife.
  • Honestly, the commercials overall were not that good.  I don’t think there were any that will be remembered, or make any all-time top ten lists.  It felt like Budweiser is just trying too hard to be cute with their clydesdale ads anymore, and Go Daddy is just trying too hard in general.
  • And yes, Steelers fans, you won your sixth title.  Your team may even be the best NFL franchise.  But can we lose some of the self-importance?

Since the Eagles had lost to the Cardinals in the NFC Championship game, it was hard not to wonder if things would have been any different if they had been in the Super Bowl instead.  And I really think the game would have unfolded almost exactly the same.  McNabb would have thrown a killer interception.  Instead of Larry Fitzgerald, it would have been Brian Westbrook making a huge play.  But ultimately, they would have found a way to fall just short.  Because this year’s Eagles team was simply not championship caliber, and they ultimately proved it.

If there was one thing this Eagles season taught me is that I need to calm down a bit when watching the games.  In the first half of the NFC Championship game (and several others along the way) I would get so angry at the team’s play or Andy Reid’s coaching that I couldn’t enjoy the game.  And then something crucially bad would happen, and I would give up on the team.  This happened after both the Ravens game and the Redskins game.

Mrs. Cutter would ask if I was even going to continue to watch them.  Inevitably, my answer was “Of course.  What else am I going to do?”  And I would continue to watch them, but with lowered expectations.  And naturally, that was when the team played its best, and I would enjoy the game the most.  My goal for next year is to just relax, not let myself get too worked up about things, and just try to stay positive.  After all, I did finally see one of my teams win a championship.  We’ll see how long I can stick to this.

Looking back on my predictions, I was very hit or miss.  I picked the Steelers and Eagles for the Super Bowl, so I was half right, and the Eagles fell just short.  I predicted that rookie QBs and rookie coaches would struggle, and I was definitely wrong about that.  I predicted that the Cowboys would collapse due to all of the headcases on the team, and I was correct on that point. 

My favorite prediction might have been that the Detroit Lions would finish in first place.  Of course the Lions ended up as the first team to go 0-16 in a season. (To my credit, I merely said that they would be the best of a weak division)

And now that the NFL season is over, that brings us to the period I like to call The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul.  I took the name from a completely unrelated Douglas Adams novel, if it sounds familiar to anyone.  The LDTTOTS is the period between the Super Bowl and NCAA Selection Sunday when Sundays generally suck. 

For the past five months, Sundays have been the designated day to watch football.  So I’ve had that to occupy my time.  Once it becomes Spring, it starts to get warm out, and you can actually go outside and do stuff.  But for right now, there’s no football to watch, and its too damn cold out to do much, so unless you’re blessed with a compelling basketball game or something, Sundays are just a boring day before you have to go back to work.

And so back to work I go.  Sigh….

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4 Responses to The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul

  1. Sweaty says:

    I like the LDTTOTS. I have a similar period (which I know you do not share) called the Summer of Sports Discontent (“SOSD”) which starts right after the NCAA men’s basketball championship game. It starts gradually; I try to ween myself into it with the NBA finals. But then comes a good four to five months which I consider barren as far as sports I can follow feverishly. Sure, there’s baseball, and that’s why I said that SOSD would not apply to you. But for those of us who don’t have a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (I capitalize in reverence, not sarcasm) team to go back to, or even a contender in our division, who like to watch casually and whether or not our team wins, we realize that a crappy July fraught with 10-12 game losing streaks will make us an after thought/trade fodder by the time that football season rolls around, that’s SOSD for ya. Football withdrawl for me does not start until Wednesday, which is National Signing Day for NCAA football. I hear that WVU’s class is supposed to be strong this year.

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