The Cutter points out plot holes in the movie Ghostbusters

Before I point out some plot holes in one of everybody’s favorite movies from the 80s, here’s a few random points:

  • Yeah, its been warm out this week.  That isn’t evidence of global warming.  Global warming would manifest itself as raised median temperatures over time, not random bursts of abnormally high temperatures.  So calm down everybody!  The apocalypse isn’t here quite yet!
  • Mrs. Cutter has been sick, and one of my co-workers who I share an area with has been sick.  If I can avoid getting sick, it will be a minor miracle.
  • My knee really hurts from an indoor kickball sustained injury last night.  When diving across home plate to avoid a tag, I kept sliding along the floor (suffering a floor burn on my elbow) until my progress was halted by my knee ramming the wall.  I hobbled around for a little while, and then resumed playing.  Even after icing it down last night, its still sore.  This may present a problem since we’re supposed to go skiing on Sunday, but that’s dependent on Mrs. Cutter’s health anyway.

So I recently watched the movie Ghostbusters again, and I probably started analyzing the movie a little too closely.  Because I started to realize there were some pretty major plot holes in it.

At a point late in the movie, we see Dana Barrett (now possessed by Zuul) cause her apartment to explode.   If a building exploded like that, you’d have to think that the police or fire department would have forced an evacuation.  At the very least, wouldn’t they have gone to Dana’s apartment to make sure that nobody was injured?  And when they found her there, wouldn’t they have forced her to leave?  I mean, maybe Zuul was able to fight off any would-be rescuers using magical powers, but this is never really implied.  Stretching implausability even further is the fact that Louis Tully is able to make his way to the top of the building.  Did the police not think to block off the entrance to a building that just exploded until the Ghostbusters told them to? 

Another major plot hole is the Ghostbusters failure to use the resources provided to them.  After the Ghostbusters get arrested, they meet with the mayor.  And while the mayor may not truly believe them, he is willing to go along with them and help them to stopping the supposed ghost invasion.  As evidence of this, the full police force and what appears to be the national guard are seen assisting the Ghostbusters.  But if they had that kind of support and backup, why didn’t they take full advantage of it?

The Ghostbusters knew they needed to get to the building’s roof, why didn’t they just have the police drop them off by helicopter?  That seems a lot more logical than walking all the way up the steps of a haunted building, especially when the ghosts have already shown they can cause earthquakes.

And if they were going to go up the building, why didn’t any of the police or national guard come with them?  While physical weapons might not have an effect on the ghosts, you’d think they would have wanted some backup anyway.

And come to think about it, if the building was the key to opening up a portal to the ghost world, why not just destroy it?  Or at the very least, couldn’t they have flown up there with a helicopter and just destroyed the temple on the roof?

Instead, the four Ghostbusters just went up by themselves, and almost caused the universe to implode by crossing their streams.  Does that make them heroes, or did they just get lucky?

And while this isn’t a plot hole, there was one other thing I thought about while watching the sequel.  When both Dana and Louis are possessed, it is implied that they slept together.  I think it would have been more interesting if the baby in the second movie was the love child as a result of that union.  Therefore, it would have made more sense that Vigo (the guy in the painting) was so interesting in possessing him, because he might have already had some demon taint.

OK, that’s all the ruining of a comedy classic I can do for right now.  Enjoy the weekend!


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One Response to The Cutter points out plot holes in the movie Ghostbusters

  1. Sweaty says:

    I think police were there for crowd control. New York City can’t even have a New Year’s Eve without full police involvement. Besides, the Ghostbusters didn’t have enough bribe money to get the police on their side.

    As far as the National Guard, I’m not quite positive on my political checks and balances, but I think that the governor is the lowest level that can call out the National Guard to act on something. The Guard could have been there for the aforementioned crowd control, but I don’t know if they could fully assist the Ghostbusters without the go-ahead from the state Executive branch.

    It would have been more believable if the baby was actually the product of Dana and Under Extremely Gay Suspicion, and then he broke up with her for a french woman.

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