I Hate Comcast

As you may know, I serve as the treasurer for my fraternity’s alumni board of advisors.  This means that I am responsible for paying all of the bills for the chapter’s house.  Last year, this wasn’t so bad.  But for some reason, this duty has become a HUGE pain in the ass this school year.  We’ve had quite a few problems with the house: Electrical circuits going out, the washing machine springing a leak, the lock to the front door breaking.

But the biggest ongoing problem I’ve had has been with Comcast.

The house had cable and internet service through Comcast’s business branch.  Apparently, since the service is for a multi-unit dwelling, we are considered a business.  Anyway, we had service with them for years and everything had been running smoothly.

That was until this past summer, when the University began construction at the property behind our house.  During the construction process, our cable lines were cut, so the house was left without cable or internet.  If you want to hear people whine, try depriving college kids of their high speed internet.  Of course, back when I went to school, the internet was almost new, and were amazed by just having dial-up.  Punk kids!

Anyway, our Comcast rep assured us that they were working on the problem and service would soon be restored.  This didn’t happen.  In fact, after some time went by without resolution, we learned that the University had warned Comcast that this might happen, but they didn’t do anything. 
A couple of months passed, and our Comcast rep continued to tell me that things were being taken care of.  But nothing changed.  We still weren’t receiving any service.  Miraculously, their billing department was still running smoothly, as we kept receiving bills for service which we weren’t receiving. 
Finally, we had enough.  DirecTV was hooked up, and we worked out a deal with the University to provide high speed internet.  I made sure to call the Comcast rep and cancel the service.  Or so I thought.  Apparently, our rep was either completely incompetent or a huge liar, as he never put the cancel order through.  He also stopped answering his phone or returning messages. 
After some work, I was able to get in touch with a manager, who cancelled the service, and credited back to when the original service call was made.  A few weeks later, I received a notice from Comcast that the account had indeed been credited, and we would be receiving a refund check shortly.  I thought everything was resolved at this point.
Well, a few more months passed, and no check.  I tried calling Comcast again, and they told me that “refunds take some time.”  Stupidly, I believed them.  After more time passed, I called them back, and finally someone was able to see that we had our hold on our account because their equipment had not been returned.  Of course, if someone had informed me of this, we could have returned the equipment months ago.
So now I’m told that once the equipment is returned, we will be sent a check.  Forgive me for being a little bit skeptical about this.
I’m basically so annoyed with Comcast that I have now decided to cancel our home service with them and switch to Verizon FiOS.  I don’t care if I have to memorize a new channel lineup or clear off our DVR.  Not to mention dealing with a 10 hour installation window.  I’m done with Comcast.

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6 Responses to I Hate Comcast

  1. Squinty says:

    I canceled Comcast for a similar reason. After being told I had to have someone come out to check my connection and then being told 6 times that I had called to cancel the appointment-which I had not. Comcast sucks the big one.

  2. Comcastcares1 says:

    I apologize for the frustrating situation we have caused.

    I work for Comcast and I am willing to reach out to my contacts to ensure that this is taken care of. If you are interested in my assistance, please let me know the phone number on the account or account address so that I can assist further.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  3. Carrie says:

    I *wish* I could cancel my service. I have a whole long letter that I wrote to Comcast HQ and of course I never heard anything! We had problems from day one because of their incompetence. Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to have satellites in our apt complex and FIOS isn’t in our neighborhood. DirectTV was SOOOOO much better!!

  4. Sharooo says:

    Well, now that you’ve switch to FIOS, keep a close eye on your bill. I’ve had issues with the bill almost every month since we’ve switched over to Verizon.

  5. Sweaty says:

    Holy crap, you got a Comcast Rep commenting on your blog! I’ve so got commenter’s jealousy. First Ian, Damien’s younger brother, now a Comcast rep. Anyways, I just stopped by to say that if you are being charged as a business, you should just turn the frat house into a bordello and legitimize it…

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