Thursday Thoughts

Long time, no blog.  What’s been happening?

Well, thanks to my blog, I have spoken to a helpful Comcast representative.  While the situation hasn’t been completely resolved yet (a big reason is due to me trying to sort out what is going on at the fraternity house) , at least there seems to be progress, and I get the impression that someone on their end is at least trying.  So Comcast should get some props for that.

My winter dodgeball season came to a close on Tuesday.  Unlike the successful tournament we had last Summer in Bethesda, this season didn’t go quite as well, as our team lost all of its games.  Why were we so bad?  Well, we only have one person who can throw hard, as opposed to some of the other teams who have several players who would throw the balls with great velocity.  We had many people like myself who were good at dodging, but couldn’t throw all that well.  I wish there was some way to improve my arm, but I think its as good as its going to get at this point.

Honestly, there were only a couple of weeks where we were completely outmatched, and those teams should have been in the more competitive division.  Most weeks, the games were close, and we just lost due to being outplayed or outsmarted.

I don’t know if I’d play in the league again.  While it was fun, it was also in Arlington, and that’s a long way for us to go just to play dodgeball.  We’re hoping the Bethesda league has another tournament this summer.

Tonight is also the conclusion of the kickball season.  My team won our playoff game last week, and the remainder of the championship tournament is held tonight.  It would be nice to win a sporting title one of these years.  We also have the flip cup championship tournament.  My team won last year, and while we should be the favorite, we’re far from a lock.

So after this week, I’ve got a bit of a lull in my sporting life.  Not much is going to be going on until April when Spring kickball and football begin.  This means I’m probably going to be pretty bored for the next month.

Last night, I got to see the Philadelphia 76ers play the Washington Wizards at the Verizon Center.  I was able to get half priced tickets through Goldstar ( and was joined by Ms. B and Flip Cup Jesus.  We had dinner at Fuddruckers which is my favorite place to go for a pregame meal, and then ventured into the Verizon Center.

There are some arenas where you can really feel the crowd’s energy.  Last night, the Verizon Center was not one of them.  The Wizards are horrendous this year, and I can’t blame people for not wanting to go see them, but that place was really dead.  I’m not really complaining though.  It means I can easily get tickets.  Trying to get tickets for when the Flyers came to play the Caps (who are doing well this year) is very difficult.

The Wizards – or Zephyrs, since they were dressed in tribute to the old Washington Zephyrs last night – got off to a good start, but the 76ers eventually pulled away.  I was dressed in my new Lou Williams 76ers jersey (Valentine’s Day gift from Mrs. Cutter) and got to loudly cheer “Looooooouuu!” every time Williams made a basket.  He had a pretty good game, so I think that got old for all of the people surrounding me.

One good thing about the arena being empty is that the Metro ride home isn’t too crowded.  I kind of miss riidng the Metro every day.  I used to get a lot more reading done, and there were some little things which always amused me.  For instance, before the train arrived, I would act like I was predciting where the doors would stop and stand there.  While most of the time the doors stopped elsewhere, every so often, I would guess correctly, and anyone who happened to be watching would be quite impressed.  Like I said, its the little things.

When I got home, I was able to watch the second half of the George Washington University vs. Charlotte basketball game.  This was kind of a big deal because GW is almost never on TV.  Although some might consider that a good thing since they’ve been horrible for most of the season.  Anyway, GW surprisingly made some big plays down the stretch and won the game in overtime.  Maybe they’ll even qualify for the Atlantic 10 tournament in Atlantic City.  It’s kind of sad that they have to struggle to even qualify for their conference tournament, when three years ago they were in the top 10, and two years ago they won the conference tournament and made the NCAAs.

I think I’ve hit enough random subjects for one day.  Soon, I’ll give some pop culture reviews on things such as Avenue Q, The Wrestler, and the latest season of Heroes.  But for now, wish me luck at kickball and flip cup tonight.


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One Response to Thursday Thoughts

  1. BM says:

    They had a GW v. Charlotte game watch party up in Boston last night . . . except 1 problem: the Greatest Bar decided at the last minute that it was not the greatest game and decided to show the Sox/Twins opener instead. Guess we won’t be driving out to Amherst, MA next week to see the A-10’s best in action.

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