Snow and such

The DC area was hit with a decent snow fall yesterday.  Which means I get to hear about all the lucky people who get off of work.  Not me.  I cleared off my car and drove in.  The roads really weren’t in bad shape, and by the time I drove home, they were fine.  The real danger is the people who have no clue how to drive in snow.  While you should drive cautiously, going too slowly is not the way to do it.  If you go at a crawling speed down a hill, that makes it much more difficult to go back up.  You’ve got to maintain some momentum!

And that’s about the most exciting thing happening in my life now as The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul continues to crank along.  Sundays are boring, and sports in general have reached a lull.  Only two weeks until Selection Sunday though!

The NFL has entered its free agency period, and the Eagles have impressed nobody so far.  They gave a lowball offer to Brian Dawkins, one of the franchise’s greatest and most popular players.  Understandably he left for the Denver Broncos.  While Dawkins was definitely on the downside of his career, they may have underestimated the effect his leadership had on the team.

Last Thursday, my kickball team managed to win our first two games, but then we fell two runs short in the finals.  I’ve had several kickball teams lose in the finals over the years, but I still can’t get over the hump.  Unfortunately, I had a really bad first inning in the championship game, and that helped cost my team the victory.  Making matters worse, we then lost the flip cup tournament to a team that hadn’t beaten us all season, and even lost to us earlier that night.  In theory, coming in second twice sounds great, but it was pretty demoralizing at the time.  They don’t give medals for second place.

Playing three games of indoor kickball in one night really takes a toll on the body (or at least the way I play it does), and I was very sore the next day and pretty much all through the weekend.  At least I have a month off until Spring kickball and football begin.

Until then, I have nothing really going on.  Well, my mother-in-law is coming to visit this weekend, but that’s not really the most thrilling thing ever.


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3 Responses to Snow and such

  1. Mrs. Cutter says:

    Wow, could you possibly show less enthusiasm about my mother’s visit?

  2. Squinty says:

    Actually they do give medals for second place, we got them at the trivia tournament last year.

    Babs is coming! Sadly, you won’t be able to take her to On The Border in Rockville.

  3. Alena says:

    If you’re bored on Sundays, you (and Laura) should join Jim’s OG Sunday team, the Chuggernauts. Bonus: Jim, Dana, Whalen and I are all on the team, so maybe you can get better than 2nd place in flipcup.

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