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Squinty and I are travelling  to Atlantic City on Friday to watch the Atlantic 10 Men’s Basketball tournament.  Hopefully, Temple wins their quarterfinal game on Thursday so that they’ll actually be playing on Friday.  Two years ago, Mrs. Cutter and I went to AC and watched GW win their semifinal game on Friday en route to the A10 championship.  We unfortunately couldn’t stay for the title game because we had to go to Long Island for Mrs. Cutter’s bridal shower.  Talk about bad timing.

Temple won the tournament last year (I couldn’t go in person because Mrs. Cutter’s father was in town – apparently her family likes to keep me from attending), and I’m hoping they can repeat, since they won’t be getting into the NCAA tournament otherwise.  If they fall short, maybe they can play Maryland in the NIT.

Even if Temple doesn’t win, I’m hoping that I can reverse my horrendous luck at blackjack.  In a previous blog I discussed how I’ve been so awful at blackjack for the past three years.  My luck has to turn around at some point, right?  Let’s hope so, because that buffet breakfast isn’t going to buy itself.

And now I’d like to present a few random thoughts about music:

So did everyone else have the same reaction the first time you heard the song “Thank You” by Dido?  “Hey, wait, this isn’t Eminem!”

I’m sorry, but Flo Rida’s “Right Round” may be one of the worst songs ever.  It’s not like the original “You Spin Me Round” was a classic, but at least it was kind of catchy, and it was used well in The Wedding Singer.  Flo Rida’s version is just plain annoying.  And yet, it is #1 on the Billboard charts!  Do people really think this song is good, or do they just like it because it makes them feel a twinge of nostalgia.  If people want a good example of a rap song that builds off an 80s rock hit, listen to Pimp C’s “I’m Free”:

Then again, most of Flo Rida’s songs are pretty annoying.  Sure, “Low” was kind of fun at first until it got badly overplayed, but the guy has revealed himself to be a one-trick pony. 

Of course, he could try to expand his horizons like Kanye West did.  Kanye was a great rapper.  When I eventually list my top 10 songs of the 2Ks (That’s what I’ve decided this decade should be referred to) “Gold Digger” is definitely going to be on the list.  But then, he decided that on his latest album he wasn’t going to rap anymore.  He was going to sing, and use an auto-tuner.  The problem is that he can’t sing.  The album is horrible.  And yet, its been a hit and the songs keep getting airplay.  It’s like people were so accustomed to buying his albums and listening to his songs that they didn’t even question if it was any good or if they liked it.  If you are a fan of Kanye the rapper, I implore you all to stop listening to his new stuff, and have him go back to making songs like “Good Life.”

Yesterday, when listening to the XM station Lithium, they played the song “Lithium” by Nirvana.  I’ve been kind of secretly hoping that I would hear that happen one day.  So I can check that one off of my “bucket list.”  Next, I’ve got to hear them play something by Pink on the Pink station.  Of course, I’ll probably soon change to another station when that happens.  Hey Pink, we get it.  You’re pissed off and men suck.  Maybe you wouldn’t get dumped so much if you stopped making songs about how all the men in your life are horrible.

And how did Coldplay become so popular?  I mean, when a group is often described as “The Poor Man’s U2” does this mean that they should somehow be the most played band on the radio?  The only thing I can figure out is that they’re the “Everybody Loves Raymond” of music.  They may not be especially great, but because the music isn’t offensive to anyone, the songs become huge hits.

And yet, with all this crap out there, Guns N’ Roses’ album had disappointing sales.  While the album wasn’t spectacular, it was a lot better than most of the crap out there.  Go figure.

Oh well, I guess that’s why God invented the iPod.  You can just listen to songs that you like and avoid all of the other crap. 

Wish me luck in Atlantic City.  Go Temple!


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2 Responses to The Music Hater’s Blog

  1. BGLT says:

    The Hawk Will Never Die! I’ve got Auto Update for going to check the score of the game this afternoon! Where are you staying Friday night? Will you and Sweaty be in AC on Saturday as well? My sister’s bachelorette party is going to be down there and we could use some male exotic dancers. Mrs. Cutter and Rachel won’t mind right?

  2. BGLT says:

    Oops…I meant Squinty, not Sweaty! And Rachel probably won’t mind.

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