I can see!

I’m happy to say that the LASIK procedure went perfectly.  I arrived at the TLC office on Friday morning, and they did another few tests on my eyes to verify that nothing had changed with them.  After confirming that they had the same readings, I was given some valium, and then taken into the laser room.

I was slightly concerned when they started the computer and said that Windows crashed and needed to reboot.  It’s never great when your well being is dependent on Windows not crashing.  They assured me that this was nothing major and everything would be fine.

Once the computer was back up, they put numbing drops in my eye, and held it open via suction.  Once this happens, you lose all vision.  They told me to make sure I stayed absolutely still which isn’t necessarily the easiest thing when you know there’s a laser being shot into your eye.  It takes about a minute for the laser to create a flap in the cornea, and then they have another laser reshape the eye.  There’s a flashing light that you need to stare at, and they had to admonish me a few times for moving my eye around.  But after about another minute, the procedure was complete.  They repeated the process with the other eye, and I was done.

The doctor examined my eyes, confirmed that everything looked good and sent me on my way.  Vision was blurry immediately afterwards, but they instruct you to not try to look too much, and its probably better to keep your eyes closed.  Upon returning home, I took some Tylenol PM and took a nap.  There was some discomfort, so it took me a little while to get to sleep.

A few hours later, Mrs. Cutter woke me up, I put a series of drops in my eyes, and realized that I could see.  I was even able to watch the unfortunate Temple vs. Arizona State game on Friday.  I did find that if I stared at the TV or anything for too long, my eyes would grow tired, and I’d have to close them a bit.

I had my follow up appointment the next day, and the doctor said aside from some dryness in one eye, everything looked fine.  I was able to function pretty normally all weekend.  I just would have to wear sunglasses when I was around bright lights, and had to make sure that I was good about putting my drops in, but I was even able to go out and socialize.

I have noticed that after a day at work and staring at the computer screen, I do have a bit of a headache.  It still strains my eyes to focus for too long on anything, and I’m guessing a computer screen is one of the worst things I could stare at.  I’ve been told that this should improve with time as my eyes heal and get used to their new setting.  But still, so far I have only positive things to say about the procedure.  Thanks to everyone who recommended it to me.


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I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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One Response to I can see!

  1. Squinty says:

    It’s like you’re the reversed DareDevil. Your eyes work perfectly yet all your other senses are weak.

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