Bikes and Passover

Lost in my childhood nostalgia of riding a bicycle is the fact that it can be intense exercise, and you end up feeling pretty sore afterwards.

I finally got my bike properly assembled (it helps to not put the wheel on backwards) and I got Mrs. Cutter one of her own for her birthday, so we decided to ride around our neighborhood.  We soon realized that riding up and down hills takes a lot of work.  Our legs were burning after just a few minutes.  We couldn’t believe that as children we used to ride our bikes everywhere.   And my old neighborhood was plenty hilly.  I guess after years of not riding anything but stationary exercise bikes, my body forgot how to ride a real one.

I rode it some more the next day, trying to expand my riding radius without much luck.   And now, two days later, my stomach is still wicked sore. All that pedaling, especially on the uphill parts is apparently a killer ab workout.  This of course means that I’ll soon once again be asking everyone to touch my abs.  So that’s something to look forward to.

Passover began this week.  For those of us who avoid bread on Passover, this week can be a huge pain.  I’m pretty much overloading on meat, fruits, and vegetables since I can’t have any grains. I didn’t go to any seders on the first or second nights, but I’ll be going up to Pennsylvania this weekend to have a family seder and celebrate my grandfather’s 94th birthday.  And while I can’t have bread, I can have gefilte fish, and I do love me some gefilte fish!

I just got this link courtesy of Rib Breaker, one of the best shiksas around.  Pretty good stuff if you know anything about Passover:

In honor of Passover, I present to you, my Top Five Jewish holidays:

5. Simchas Torah – Mostly because I love the line from Top Secret:

4. Rosh Hashannah – It’s the new year, we eat apples and honey and begin to repent. Everyone wins!

3. Chanukkah – Eight days of fire and presents! 

2. Yom Kippur – I had to give it high billing due to its religious importance.  And while fasting really sucks, my sports teams tend to play well on Yom Kippur so its got that going for it.

1. Purim – When I was younger, I used to go to a Purim carnival where you’d dress up from a character in the story of Esther. (Which by the way, makes an excellent birthday gift on CD)  There’d be fun carnival games and the like.  But I would always go dressed as Haman, the villain of the story.  I’d dress up like an Arab complete with headdress.  And yes, this story is probably only funny to one reader.


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3 Responses to Bikes and Passover

  1. Squinty says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, I did indeed crack up (and looked for my grager)

  2. Alena says:

    Man, Jews get all the fun holidays. Besides Christmas and Easter, Catholics get… ummm… All Souls’ Day? Palm Sunday? Fasting for the lose.

    • treachx says:

      Fasting and giving up bread are fun? Hey, at least your holidays get made up fictional characters added to them to make them more fun. We have Elijah – the disembodied hand who comes and drinks your wine when you aren’t looking!

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