The Lost season finale

The following contains spoilers about the season finale of Lost.  If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read on.

The fifth season of Lost came to a close last night.  And for some reason, myself and many others were under the impression that we would get some answers from watching the show, or at the very least be left with some sort of resolution of the events of the season.

I don’t know why I was under this impression since I’ve already watched four Lost season finales, and they all have raised more questions than they answer and almost always leave you with a huge cliffhanger ending.  So if you expected a lot to be left unresolved, then last night’s episode did not disappoint, and might have actually exceeded expectations.

So we finally got to see the long talked about but never before seen Jacob.  And after a two hour episode that was mostly dedicated to him, I feel more confused about him than I was before.  We know he has some sort of adversary who can’t kill him.  We know that he has met many of the castaways at some point in their lives.  And we know that he lives underneath the four toed statue.  As far as any explanations about who he is, and why he does what he does, we still have almost no idea.

The past few episodes were also about the castaways in the past trying to detonate a hydrogen bomb and theoretically rewrite history.  I assumed that they would succeed in this task, because major characters like Sayid and Juliet were critically wounded, and I didn’t think that they would end their time on the show like that.  Generally, in the past, when characters have died, they get an episode dedicated to them (Like Ana Lucia, Charlie, Mr. Eko).

So while they didn’t leave us hanging on the question of ‘Would they successfully set off the bomb?’ they did leave us hanging as to what effect the bomb’s detonation would have.  It’s times like these that make me wistful of when I watched the first season on DVD.  Cliffhanger ending to an episode?  Just fire up the next one!

Anyway, the season went by quickly, and I didn’t think it was the best season the show has had.  Maybe the fact that the story has gone completely non-linear has gotten to me a bit.  I’m just hoping that since next season is the last season, they start answering questions.  I have some theories as to how things are going to go, but I’ve been very wrong about this show before.


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2 Responses to The Lost season finale

  1. Adam says:

    I could not have hated it more. I mean I guess I like the stuff with Locke and Jacob, I figured out who was in the box just before the reveal. But everything the in the 70s was terrible. I mean it’s been boring as hell all season too. It’s like reading a history book, we know everything that’s going to happen. But that episode was terrible. I haven’t been so angry at characters for being stupid since the end of Chasing Amy. Juliet??? Seriously, what logic made that make any sense. Jack?? What on Earth leads you to believe that the bomb was a good idea. For all it’s worth, your basically killing everyone anyway. I don’t know why soon to be an estranged wife again Sun is on board with this. Or Kate who’s going to jail. Or Sawyer who has completely turned is life around since finally avenging his family. If I ever see Jack Shepard at a craps table, I am going to Don’t Pass the whole way. To be fair I started cheering when Sawyer punched Jack, and that’s pretty impressive considering two season ago I wanted the opposite to happen.

  2. Robin says:

    Great, now I actually want to watch next season to see what happens. Of course this means I will have to catch up. thanks Mr. Cutter.

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