Mrs. Cutter wins a cymbal – barely

Saturday night, Mrs. Cutter and I ventured out to Virginia (Boooo!) to help celebrate BGLT’s birthday. 

Our first stop was Mr. Days in Clarendon.  Yeah, this place is so much less cool than the Mr. Days that used to be in DC.  At 10 PM, the bouncer came up to me and told me I had to take my hat off.  I looked at him funny, and asked why.  He said that at 10 on the weekends, the bar becomes a “club.”  I asked, “Isn’t this a sports bar?”  He sighed and pretty much agreed with me, and told me it was the bar’s policy.

Really, do people who want to go clubbing go to Mr. Days in Arlington?  It seems like a very strange contrast in styles.  Once this happened, my desire to stay lessened greatly.  The Cutter does not enjoy it when forced to remove his hat.

We soon left and headed to Clarendon Grill where an 80s rock cover band named Toxic Mouse was playing.  Mrs. Cutter loves 80s cover bands, so she quickly made her way up towards the front of the stage.  Since I was sober for the night, and couldn’t take too much jostling, I pretty much stayed back.

At some point, the band’s drummer broke his cymbal, so they decided to sign it and give it away to an audience member.  They asked for three girls to come up on stage for some sort of contest to see who would win.  Mrs. Cutter was chosen along with two others.  The winner would simply be whoever answered this question first: Who replaced David Lee Roth in Van Halen?

All three girls responded with blank stares.  When Mrs. Cutter looked towards me for help, I gave her my special “How the hell do you not know this?!?!” look which debuted last year when Squinty couldn’t answer questions about Family Guy.  Fortunately, I passed the correct answer along, and she finally got it and won the cymbal.  Of course, she has no idea what to do with a autographed cymbal, but its always nice to win.

The band was pretty good.  I’m not sure if they do advertise themselves as an 80s cover band, because they played Enter Sandman, and that was from the 90s.  I was hoping they’d get to Paradise City, but apparently they didn’t have time in the set.


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One Response to Mrs. Cutter wins a cymbal – barely

  1. The original Ron Benedict says:

    They were trying to keep gays out of the club…did you respond back by saying “you’re wrong scooter?” and subsequently have a chair broken over your leg?

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