4th of July Weekend:Part One – The Bar Crawl

Independence Day weekend has come and gone, and things went almost exactly how I expected them to: Awesomely!

On Thursday, seeing that the office was pretty much abandoned anyway, my boss let everyone out at 3, so I got an early start on the weekend.  Mrs. Cutter and I met up with Squinty, and we Metroed downtown to The Front Page.  Unfortunately, the Metro now takes longer since the trains are forced to move at a slower pace since the accident of two weeks ago.  So we didn’t get there right at the crawl’s start like originally planned.

We registered for the Midtown Liberty Bar Crawl – Mrs. Cutter and I got to sign up for free thanks to my Twittering skills – and started the night off at The Front Page.  TFP had a taco bar where they served three tacos for a dollar, and that provided a good basis of food for us.  Once more people in our group arrived, they wanted to go someplace where they could eat an actual dinner.  At first we decided on Rumors since we could sit inside.  There were two problems: We couldn’t sit outside at Rumors, and the food there (as detailed in an earlier blog) is horrible.

Instead, we switched to the Madhatter.  At the Hatter were several Coors Light girls asking trivia questions and giving out prizes.  Squinty, Bird, and I both got a question correct (much to Nature Boy’s dismay – it pays to actually allow the question to be finished and not blurt things out early) so we were awarded with free beers and Coors Light coozies!  We also learned that sometimes when a girl invites you to her hotel room to “watch a movie,” it means that she really just wants to watch a movie.

Next up was our favorite tradition: Sake bombs at Singapore Bistro!  Usually we hit this place immediately, but we were a little later in arriving this time, so we actually had to wait for our sake bombs.  Making the delay longer were some kids who didn’t get the whole process and kept trying to grab their drinks.  Finally, we had our sake bombs, but sadly we didn’t get to sing the whole sake bomb song this year. 

Since Bird has a fetish for rooftop bars, our next stop was Public Bar.  This is the bar that used to be Five, and really, despite the name change, I didn’t notice much of a difference.  To his surprise, many other people on the crawl realized that due to nice weather, a rooftop bar would be a good idea, and it was quite crowded.  Despite the crowd, we were able to find some room to stand.  Unfortunately, this is where things went downhill for me, as Squinty thought it would be a good idea to do shots of Bacardi 151., and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to refuse.  A few of my former co-workers then showed up to join us, and we began to talk about other former co-workers, and have a good old time.

I kind of lost track of time, but eventually we headed to Mackey’s.  Mackey’s was nice as their patio area wasn’t too crowded, and for whatever reason, people kept handing me beers without prompting.  This tends to happen to me, as the less I need a beer, the more readily available beer will become.  I was getting a bit manic, and I seem to remember running a few laps inside of Mackeys.  Squinty, continuing his string of great ideas decided to dunk his head into a chest of ice.  Sadly, Mrs. Cutter prevented me from matching him.

After that, some of the group went to Rumors.  Mrs. Cutter and a few others chose to head to McDonalds.  Since Rumors was loud and crowded, and the prospect of McDonalds sounded amazing, I left Rumors immediately (for the second time that night) and headed with them.  The people at McDonalds must despise working the bar crawl shift.  When asked what I wanted, I couldn’t decide because everything sounded amazing.  Finally, I settled on a hot fudge brownie sundae and some chocolate chip cookies.  They were delicious, and I probably could have eaten much more if not told that we had to leave.

Satiated, we headed to the Metro to take the trip back home.  It might not have been our longest or craziest bar crawl ever, but with more drinking ahead of us, we didn’t have to go too nuts.

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