4th of July Weekend: Part Two – Hunan and Top Gun

Despite my drunkeness from the night before, I was feeling OK when I awoke on Friday morning.  Which was good because we had a full day of drinking ahead of us.  Several people from our kickball league would be meeting up at Hunan #1 restaurant in Arlington, near the Clarendon metro.  Some of our friends are obsessed with this place, and it’s easy to see why.  They start happy hour at 11 AM (great for those without full-time jobs) and offer large mugs of beer for only $4.

Some people arrived at 11, but Mrs. Cutter and I decided that we would take a more leisurely approach and aim for 2 PM.  We Metroed over, and to our surprise, most people weren’t too hammered by the time we arrived.  Maybe it was the fact that I’ve been pretty good about my diet lately, or maybe it was just the beer, but I spent most of the day either feeling very hungry, or eating less than healthy food.  Upon arrival, we got an order of Chicken on a Stick and Lo Mein.

Cheap beer and open space tends to lead to drinking games, and a group of us played a game of @$$hole outside.  I’ve found that once the game gets past 6 people, it tends to fall apart because people can’t follow the action.  I also learned that Germans do not understand the game, and think it’s stupid.

After that game broke up, people found a new way to entertain themselves: By playing quarters – or at least the variation sometimes called speed quarters.  In this game, everyone sits in a circle, and shot glasses are scattered among the group.  If the shot glass is in front of you, you must bounce a quarter into the glass.  Once you do that, you pass the glass to your left.  If you get it in on one bounce, you can pass the glass to whoever you choose.  If you are still attempting to bounce, and another glass makes its way to you, you have to drink.

I found that the key in this game is to sit to the left of a bad player.  If you sit to the left of a good player, you’ll end up getting screwed.  Sadly, I was sitting to the left of some decent players and had to drink a lot.  I was still doing better than some people who were determined to complete the Hunan Challenge and drink seven large mugs of beer.  We had someone actually collapse out of their seat and onto the floor at one point.

After several hours (and some General Tso’s chicken) we left the bar to head to Rosslyn where they had an outdoor movie.  We would get to see that 80s classic: Top Gun.  I forgot just how unintentionally hilarious this movie is.  Sadly, I missed the cheesiest scene of all: The beach volleyball scene!  I decided that I needed food, so I wandered over to a nearby McDonalds and bought up nearly half the store.  But I didn’t make it back in time to catch any shirtless beach volleyball action.

Thankfully, our friendly neighbor, Sandi (with an I) had drove to Virginia, and kindly offered us a ride home, sparing us a long Metro ride.  It was another fun filled day, and we hadn’t even celebrated the actual holiday yet.


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