The Curse of the All-Star Game

As mentioned last year, I consider the week of baseball’s All-Star Game to be one of the worst weeks of the year.  Not only is it the worst week in sports, but bad things tend to happen to me this week.  Perhaps I’m only drawing from a few examples, but in past years, I’ve gotten into a car accident the night of the All-Star Game and had my wisdom teeth taken out that week. 

Based on those past events, last night fit right in.

My softball team had a game, and I did not play especially well.  First, I popped out in the first inning.  Then, when base coaching, I was loudly telling the runner on third base to go home, not realizing that the runner on second thought I was talking to him, and he got tagged out before the run could score.  My next at bat, I singled, but then got doubled off of first base as the shortstop made a leaping catch on the next play.  I later made a throwing error in the field.

Making matters worse was that in the next to last inning, we got the opposing team out so quickly that we were able to fit in another inning.  Of course, they were then able to score five runs in the last inning to make the game a tie.

After returning home, we noticed the toilet making an odd gurgling sound.  We thought it was strange, and later on, when it happened again, we tried flushing it to see what happened.  That proved to be a mistake, as the water didn’t go down.  We then saw that dirty water was being sent back up through the drains of both showers.

At this point we called the condo association’s emergency maintenance service.  Before anyone could arrive, more water started coming back out of both the toilet and the shower.  We placed some towels down so that the water didn’t make it out of the bathroom, but the floors of both bathrooms were starting to get pretty wet.  When the maintenance guy finally arrived, he didn’t show much urgency, saying that this had happened before, and it could get pretty ugly.  We thanked him for the warning, and reminded him that the sooner he did anything, the less ugly it would be.

They determined that a tree root must have broken into a sewer line, and they would have to try to snake it out.  Our next door neighbors actually had it worse, as they are further down the sewer line, and the flooding water made it out of their bathroom.  The maintenance crew would have to do the majority of the work to flush the sewer line from their apartment.  As far as our place went, they turned off the water to the building and wet vacuumed our bathrooms, so the immediate problem was taken care of.

When we awoke, they had fixed the problem and turned the water back on, so everything seems to be OK now.  When we got home yesterday, the condo association had distributed a note to everyone in the building saying that residents had been flushing paper towels down the toilet, and that had caused the sewer backup.  So all of that was due to people not knowing what they can flush down the toilet.  Idiots.

While it was a bad day, I suppose things could have been much worse.  We’ll just see what chaos the All-Star Game brings about next year.


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