Hershey Park

On Friday, Mrs. Cutter and I decided to take off work and visit Hershey Park.  I have been to HP a few times in my life, but it has been about ten years since my last visit.

First off, the drive up 270 towards Pennsylvania could be a trip by itself, as there were lots of good restaurants and attractions that we might visit if we had time: Farmstands, pancake restaurants, and paintball!  What more could you ask for?

Sadly, the weather report called for rain, which would put a bit of a damper on our day.  So we wanted to be sure to get in as much activity while we could.  Naturally, we first went to the ride with the longest line: Farenheit.  This roller coaster sent you up a hill that was pretty much vertical, and then almost straight down.  I liked it, Mrs. Cutter did not.

And then, the rain started.  It was only a drizzle, so we figured we’d be OK.  We went to the Great Bear coaster which had a warning sign that in case of rain, lubricants might drip on you.  They weren’t lying about this as Mrs. Cutter and I both got lube from the track on our clothes.  Aside from the drippings, the coaster itself was pretty good. 

We next headed to the SooperDooperLooper.  Back in the 80s, this was HP’s feature coaster, as I remember seeing people wearing “I Survived the SooperDooperLooper” T-shirts.  But naturally, as more advanced coasters get built, the older ones lose a bit of luster.  I’d say how well it has held up, but we didn’t get to ride, as when we got near the front of the line, the rain had picked up to the point where all coasters had to be shut down.

The rain continued for awhile, so we had to find non-coaster forms of entertainment.  We went on the swings, which are a lot less fun when getting rained on.  We saw that a musical show was about to start at the ampitheatre, so we decided to sit down and watch.  What we saw was “The Ultimate Road Trip Show” where the cast sang songs related to possible road trip destinations.  I’m not sure how to best describe this show, so I’ll just say that it killed some time.

They also had a zoo there, so we walked around and saw various animals.  Nothing too exotic, and certainly nothing you wouldn’t be able to see at a local zoo.  One complaint is that animals do not respond to my commands and perform when I ask them to.  I’ll have to add “Learn to control animals” to my to-do list.

We were getting tired of being in the rain, so we were going to head home.  Then we noticed that some of the water park rides were still running.  Figuring that we were getting wet anyway, we got changed and went on the giant flume ride.  They have warning signs that you will get wet on this ride.  They aren’t kidding.  It seems like water just keeps falling on you.  Next, we tried the Roller Soaker which is a roller coaster where they keep spraying water on you.  This sounded great in theory, but by the time we through the line, we were dry and cold, and the prospect of getting splashed wasn’t as appealing.

After we got off the Roller Soaker, the weather had cleared up, and the coasters were being run again.  After one more trip on the giant flume, we got changed and tried to hit a few more coasters.  We did three more, but then we left the park to do what everyone really goes to Hershey Park to do: Visit Chocolate World.  When HP first opened, they used to let you tour the actual chocolate factory.  But now, they have a whole building with a ride that simulates the factory tour.  The ride guides you through the chocolate making process and has singing audio animatronic cows.  At the end, they give you a small sample Hershey bar.

After the ride, you end up in the Hershey gift shop.  This is the most dangerous place in the world, as there is a lot of chocolatey temptation everywhere you look.  Mrs. Cutter and I bought four bags of chocolate, some of which actually survived the rest of the weekend and was brought into Mrs. Cutter’s workplace.  We still consumed our body weight in Hershey Kisses though.

On the way home, we got a rare treat and stopped at Sheetz for dinner.  We’re still awaiting the day when a Sheetz opens up near us.

Overall, despite the rain, we had a pretty good day.  While the rain may have delayed some of the fun, it also helped keep the lines shorter, so we probably got as much in as we normally would.  if we ever go back, we’d probably plan to go for two days, as HP is huge, and there were a lot of attractions that we missed.

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