The Dentist, Jim Johnson, and Cliff Lee

Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment.  While I don’t think anyone actually likes visiting the dentist, the experience has been made much more pleasant since I started going to my current dentist, Dr. Robert Barnett.

My previous dentist actually yelled at me, telling me I was ruining my teeth.  He asked if I flossed every day, and I said I might occassionally miss a night.  I was told “You can’t ever skip a night!”  Also, I don’t know what the hygenist did, but my mouth was sore for days after the visit.

On the other hand, Dr. Barnett may be the only dentist I’ve ever had who doesn’t automatically nag me about needing to brush and floss better, even though I am already doing so about as well as a person can.  In fact, he even said “It looks like you really are flossing every day.  Keep it up.”

So apparently it isn’t illegal for a dentist to be positive and encouraging.  I’ve decided that I can never leave the area, because I don’t ever want to switch dentists.  Last year, when Mrs. Cutter got a new job, I was worried because I thought with the change in insurance, I might have to switch.  Fortunately, his office took the new insurance, so I was able to stay on as a patient.

If anyone lives or works near Kensington, MD, I fully recommend you use him as your dentist.

In sadder news, longtime Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passed away yesterday due to complications from a cancerous melanoma near his spine.  He had served as coordinator for the past ten years, and under him, the Eagles’ defense was always among the best.

At least his struggle wasn’t too long or painful for him.  And now, the Eagles can give him a big tribute before their opening game, and they’ll probably wear a patch on their uniforms all season.  Maybe they’ll use his inspiration to carry them to the Super Bowl?

And finally, the Phillies have made a big move and acquired pitcher Cliff Lee from the Cleveland Indians.  Most of the talk had been about Toronto pitcher Roy Halladay, but apparently the Blue Jays’ demands were too high, so they went after Lee.  At first glance, its a good deal for the Phillies, as they didn’t have to give up their top prospects Kyle Drabek or Dominic Brown.  Only one of the prospects they traded away (Carlos Carrasco) would have potentially helped the big league club next year. 

But despite winning the Cy Young Award last year, Lee has been less consistent over his career than Halladay, and even has a losing record this year.  He is also a left hander, and along with Cole Hamels, J.A. Happ, and Jamie Moyer, the Phillies rotation may be a bit too lefty heavy now.

Of course, it’s tough to complain about adding last year’s Cy Young Award winner to the rotation.  At the very least, he should be an adequate replacement for Brett Myers, whose injury prompted this move.  The real test will come in the postseason.  If Lee can pitch well in playoff games, it will be a good trade.  In addition, they picked up outfielder Ben Francisco.  One of the Phillies’ biggest weakness was a lack of a good right handed bench player, and Francisco should fill that hole.

Regardless of what ultimately happens, at least the Phillies have shown that they’re willing to make the moves necessary to win another World Series.  That can only be seen as encouraging.


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