Reviews: G.I.Joe, The Goods, and Punch-Out!!

So I quite enjoyed G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  Yes, it was ridiculous and cheesy at times, but keep in mind, it’s based on a toy, so that’s pretty much what you’re going to get.  It was mostly enjoyable, but I had some complaints. 


In the comic, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow became friends while serving in the Vietnam war, and then Storm Shadow invited Snake Eyes to train with his ninja clan.  Obviously, chronologically, it wouldn’t work having them both be Vietnam vets, and they went with the simpler childhood angle.  However, in the comic, Storm Shadow didn’t actually kill his master, and it was actually Zartan.  Storm Shadow was wrongly blamed, and only joined Cobra to find the true killer.  This made him a much deeper character in my opinion.  But I guess since they wanted him to be a true villain in the movie, they had to make him the actual killer.  Maybe in the sequel, since I’m sure he’ll turn up alive, despite his apparent death.

Also, did they have to spend the last fifteen minutes simply setting up a sequel?  First, was it necessary to actually turn Destro’s head into metal?  And then, the “rise of Cobra Commander” was kind of hokey too.  Were we supposed to be surprised by this?  And if this was truly “the rise of Cobra” shouldn’t the two main villains have escaped?

Those complaints aside, it was a fun movie to watch, and it brought back some good memories.  It was much better than Transformers, mostly because instead of creating outside characters who the audience “could relate to” the focus was on the actual G.I.Joe characters.  Speaking of memories, I received the G.I.Joe cartoon Season 1.1 on DVD, and maybe I’ll provide a critical analysis of that. 

I also received the game Punch-Out!! for the Wii.  This game is awesome.  It’s a lot like the original NES version of the game, except now you use the Wii controllers to do the actual punching.  Game play is very similar where your opponents have patterns and you have to figure them out and counter.  And most of the old opponents are back like Glass Joe, King Hippo, and Great Tiger.  You can also face off with another player in one-on-one mode, which is also fun, because at times, your character becomes huge and you can pretty much mercilessly pummel your opponent.

The game is a pretty good workout.  I worked up a sweat and my arms got pretty sore playing it.  They also have an option where you can use the Wii balance board to dodge and duck, but I have yet to try that yet.  Anyway, if you were a fan of the original, I strongly recommend that you buy this game.

I also got to see a free screening of the movie The Goods.  It stars Jeremy Piven as a car salesman for hire.  I had low expectations going in, but it turned out to be quite funny.  It was the same type of humor that you got in Anchorman (which I consider one of the funniest movies ever), which isn’t surprising since many of the same people worked on both movies.  Not a great movie, but an amusing enough way to spend a couple of hours.

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