The Adventures of Ryan Madson

Last night, Bird and I ventured to Nationals Park to see the Phillies play the Nationals.  I had some free ticket coupons, so we could get any seat up to a $30 value.  We chose seats in left field alongside the Phillies bullpen, which meant we got to see everything that was going on in there.   It was really cool to watch, and I actually often found myself ignoring the game in order to study all the happenings in the bullpen.

It was T-shirt Tuesday, and they’re supposed to give out free T-shirts to the first 10,000 fans, but we didn’t get any.  We got there close to start time, but it didn’t seem like there were that many people there, and when they had the fans wave their shirts, it certainly didn’t look like anywhere close to 10,000 were being waved.

For my dinner, I decided to give the in house barbeque stand Teddy’s BBQ a try.  I went with the beef brisket sandwich and it was quite good.  I might have to eat there again next time I dine at the stadium.  In honor of eating his BBQ, it looked like Teddy Roosevelt was finally going to win the Presidents’ Race.  But sadly, he was disqualified, which I thought was absolute bullsh*t.

Anyway, midway through the game, Bird pointed out that Phillies reliever Ryan Madson (You might remember him from here: was talking to a couple of girls in the stands.  If you know Bird, you will know he was incredibly impressed by this.  I decided to pay tribute to our former encounter with Madson fans by giving a few shouts of “MADSON!”  Bird also spent some time talking to Phillies reliever Chan Ho Park who confirmed that he liked playing for the Phillies better than the Texas Rangers.

The Phillies took a lead thanks to five solo home runs – including two by formerly slumping Raul Ibanez.  This drew the ire of a fan sitting next to us who kept screaming unpleasant things at Ibanez, mostly implying that he should be drug tested.  Finally, someone told the guy in a similarly unpleasant tone that he should shut up.

In the ninth inning, beleagured Phillies closer Brad Lidge came in to try to finish the game.  Phillies fans will know that this has not been an easy task for Lidge this year.  Meanwhile, Madson was talking to the same girls as before, and one of them appeared to write her number on a program and throw it down to Madson.  Bird now had a full on mancrush going for Madson and shouted at him, “Teach me how to do that!”

Madson merely smiled and pointed to his uniform, implying that being a pro ballplayer was all it took.  Sadly, Brad Lidge was not faring as well, allowing a few baserunners to get aboard, so Madson had to start warming up.  Finally, Lidge loaded the bases, so Phillies manager Charlie Manuel took him out and called for Madson to enter the game.  With only one out and the Nats’ two best hitters up, it would not be easy.  But Madson struck Ryan Zimmerman out and got Adam Dunn to ground out to close things out.  I saluted the effort with a shout of “MADSON!!!!”

So all in all, a good night.  I got to see the Phillies win, and we got to see Ryan Madson in action.  MADSON!!!!!


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