Walk for the Cure and Other Subjects

– I just heard from Mrs. Cutter who began the Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure this morning.  She completed her daily allotment of 20 miles, and is doing well, but tired.  I’ll be heading to Bethesda tomorrow morning to cheer her on.  If you happen to pass any of the walkers on the road, be sure to give them an encouraging honk!

– Unlike the previous Friday, I actually had to go into work today.  While working is not as much fun as visiting a plantation, on the other hand, I did not receive any threatening phone calls today (yet) so this Friday has something going for it.

– The Phillies are tied 1-1 with the Rockies in the NLDS.  After they won the World Series last year, I think a lot of people forgot that manager Charlie Manuel is not a great baseball technician.  Yesterday’s game reminded us big time.  Now, the Phillies are depending on Pedro Martinez to start game three.  While Pedro was pretty good for them this season, you have to keep in mind that he was unemployed at midseason, and he had some physical problems in the final weeks of the season.  Not to mention that the weather conditions in Colorado may be horrendous.  On the other hand, Pedro has proven to be a good postseason competitor and has a World Series ring.  So basically, I have no idea what to expect from him.

– Game three starts around 9:30 on Saturday.  I’m OK with that.  I can stay up and watch.  On Sunday however, the game doesn’t start until close to 10 PM.  So looks like I’m not going into work well rested on Monday.  And this is after they put games 1 and 2 on in the daytime during the week.  Sometimes I wish sports didn’t cater to TV ratings quite so much. 

– One thing that I always enjoy about football season is mocking the Washington Redskins.  Despite an easy schedule – the Redskins have yet to play a team that has a win prior to playing them – they are only 2-2 with a loss to the formerly unable to win Detroit Lions.  And while I enjoy the futility of the Jim Zorn era, it doesn’t quite match the Steve Spurrier era.  Spurrier matched incompetence with amusing sideline gestures and press conferences.

– The Eagles are coming off a bye week, and under Andy Reid, that has typically meant a win.  Donovan McNabb should be back, but more importantly, they’ll be playing the winless Chiefs.  (To be fair, the Eagles have also had a pretty easy early schedule – Partially because there are a lot of bad NFL teams out there)  Hopefully, McNabb gets right back in the swing of things.

– While Mrs. Cutter is out trying to save breasts, I’ll be out killing brain cells, as I compete in my kickball league’s Beerlympics.  It’s basically a competition featuring all sorts of drinking games.  Should be a good, if somewhat sloppy time.

– Hopefully I’ll write again on Monday to report of a successful walk by Mrs. Cutter.  Stay tuned.

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