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I can’t give any definitive reason for it, but this week has absolutely sucked.  It hasn’t been too bad at work (I’ve had much worse work weeks, but this certainly hasn’t been good either) and nothing especially horrible has happened.  But the week is crawling along as slowly as possible. 

I’m sure the weather isn’t helping things either.  Wasn’t everyone just saying, “Hey, we haven’t had a cold and rainy day in awhile.  I sure miss it!”  Well, we don’t have to miss it anymore, because this week has delivered not one, but two cold rainy days!  Mrs. Cutter says I always think it’s been raining a lot, but am I wrong in thinking that 2009 has had a lot of miserable, rainy days so far?  Usually, if it’s a lousy Spring (like this one was) we then get a pleasant Fall.  But no, this Fall has had crap weather too.

The plight of my sports teams probably isn’t helping things.  The fact that the Phillies are no longer the champions is sinking in, made worse by the disgusting joy of Yankees fans.  Hey, it’s fine to be happy for your team, but can we cut out the whole “Order is Restored” and “All is Right with the World” crap?  And any Yankees fan who talks about suffering should be kicked in the head.  Going nine years without a title is not suffering, especially when your team made the playoffs in eight of those nine years.  Suffering is being a Phillies fan from 1985-2006.  Suffering is being a Pittsbugh Pirates fan from 1993 through now.

It is somewhat interesting to note that while Philly fans and New York fans were busy arguing against each other about who had the more annoying, obnoxious fans, the rest of the nation pretty much decided that both fan bases were annoying assholes.  If the World Series received good ratings, I’m sure it’s because half the people watching were hoping for some sort of natural disaster to strike the stadium and wipe everyone out.

And when the week starts with the Eagles losing to the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, it’s almost guaranteed to be a bad week.  The Eagles are now 0-7 when playing on NBC’s Sunday Night broadcast.  And they’ve got a big game against the Bears on Sunday night in two weeks!  At least that’s Thanksgiving week, and I only have to work for two days. 

Anyway, as I sit here bored at work, in front of my space heater (my office is freezing for the majority of the year) I figured I might as well start typing a blog and see if anything remotely entertaining came of it.

Good news.  As I began typing, I went to and decided to watch some music videos.  I remembered that there was one song that always brightened my spirits, and sure enough, after watching the video, I’m in a much more positive place!

Here it is, for anyone who’s curious:

And yes, I’m completely serious.  I really like that song.

So now that I’m feeling better, I’ll move on to some other topics.

I’ll probably be headed to Delaware this weekend to watch Temple play Delaware in basketball and then over to Delaware Park to make some parlay bets on football.  Yes, even though the courts ruled against Delaware’s single game betting system, they’re still allowed to run a parlay betting system.  We’ll see how well I do.

I’m seeing the movie 2012 tonight.  I think this movie is going to suck.  So why am I seeing it?  Because it’s free!

Thanksgiving is coming up, which means it’s almost time for my annual day before Thanksgiving trip to Atlantic City.  As I learned in New Orleans, I can apparently only win while gambling if I’m hammered.  So if I want any chance of winning, I guess I’m going to have to bring a flask or something on the bus with me.  Should make for a more interesting bus ride to say the least.  Either that, or I can search the streets of Atlantic City for some guys who are “cool.” 

Writing this has nicely passed some time.  And the day is almost over, which means that it will soon be Friday and this week will soon be over.  Hooray!


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3 Responses to Blog of Boredom

  1. AYS says:

    For what it’s worth, I have been in a s*** mood this week and I listened to ‘This Kiss’ per your blog…my spirits are lifted (somewhat)! I feel much less sardonic! Thanks to Faith Hill and The Cutter.

  2. Alena says:

    I love that song too! Listening to it right now to kill some time at work…

  3. Robin says:

    I will not be offended that you had such a sucky day on my birthday. Most people don’t like the cold rainy weather, it reminds me of Philly but only because that is as close to a northern fall as I’m going to get.

    The Phillies may not have won but we still have the most obnoxious fans and we’re proud of that. Who are the Yankees?

    2012, go see or DVD?

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