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We’ve reached the middle of December, and that of course means that we’re well into the Christmas season.  While I do not celebrate the religious holiday of Christmas, I certainly do celebrate the American holiday of Christmas.  What’s the difference?  While it is much more complex than this, the easiest way to summarize would be: Religious holiday = Jesus.  American holiday = Santa. 

I mean, even people of non-Christian faith can enjoy things like watching Rudolph or Frosty.  Speaking of Christmas specials, Mrs. Cutter apparently doesn’t enjoy the true classics.  She thought “A Year Without a Santa Claus” was stupid and didn’t want to watch “Mickey’s Christmas Carol.”  Yet she likes the Peanuts Christmas special, which I always found kinda lame.  Yeah, call me sacrilegous, but that one never did it for me.  And am I the only person who misses when those Christmas specials were on CBS and we’d get the swirling “Special” graphics beforehand?

Speaking of Santa, I was wondering: Do kids think that Santa makes things like Nintendo Wiis and the Zhu Zhu Pets?  In all of the Christmas movies, you see Santa’s elves making things like toy trains and baseball bats, but never name brand electronics.  I mean, aren’t kids today at least a little intuitive?  Would you put it past a child upon receiving a gift from “Santa” to complain that the toy he received wasn’t the real one, but rather a knock off made by elves?  Then again, I’m guessing if kids were clever enough to think this through, then they might realize (spoiler alert) that Santa isn’t real.

Anyway, after a past weekend of Chrismakkah celebrations with friends and family, I’ve already received some awesome gifts.  I don’t want to make anyone too jealous, but I now have my own Star Trek phaser!

I’d now like to discuss a different type of Christmas…Dionte Christmas.  Dionte was a star guard for Temple University’s basketball team from 2005-2009.  It was just about a year ago that he led Temple to an upset of nationally ranked Tennessee on ESPN.  And if you don’t think ESPN loved a player named Christmas having a huge game in December, then you don’t watch a lot of ESPN.

Dionte led his conference in scoring the past three years, and pretty much carried the Owls to the NCAA tournament the past two seasons.  And yet he didn’t get drafted.  I still don’t understand this.  The guy is a proven scorer (Here are his college stats: and a winner.  He has good size for a 2 guard, and nobody thought he was worth a look? 

Anyway, he was invited to training camp with the 76ers but didn’t make the team and then got himself arrested.  Oh well.

Speaking of Temple, they had a HUGE win yesterday beating their cross city Big Five rival, #3 ranked Villanova.  For those unfamiliar with Philly college basketball, the Big Five is a big deal.  Every year, the major city schools (Temple, Villanova, LaSalle, St. Josephs, Penn, with Drexel sort of serving as a sixth wheel) play each other, and there are huge rivalries among the teams.  For the past few seasons, Villanova has been dominating their rivals, but Temple put an end to that.

Despite losing Christmas, Temple has done pretty well so far this season, and they actually should have beaten Georgetown earlier in the year.  Beating a top five team is the type of signature victory that they’ll need when NCAA tournament seeds are given out.  Yesterday’s upset was led by Argentinian guard Juan Fernandez.  Fernandez came to Temple because his fellow countryman Juan “Pepe” Sanchez was a star there in the late 90s.  People have obviously compared Fernandez to Pepe, but until yesterday, I hadn’t been all that impressed.  Maybe it’s because Pepe is my all time favorite college player.  But yesterday, Fernandez was on fire.

Temple will have another chance for a big win on January 2nd when top ranked Kansas visits them.  Reminds me of the last time Temple played a top ranked Kansas team:

That wasn’t the only big win for one of my sports teams yesterday.  The Eagles played the Giants in an important matchup on Sunday night.  Now, you all may remember how I don’t like Sunday night games, but at least this one was a late season divisional matchup, so it was a big game and did have a prime time feel.

The bad news: The Eagles defense looked bad.  They couldn’t get any pressure on Eli Manning.  They couldn’t seem to stay with the Giants receivers, and they tackled poorly (a problem all year).  Aside from turnovers, they never really stopped the Giants offense.

The good news: The Eagles offense looked amazing.  DeSean “The Most Exciting Player in the NFL” Jackson had a huge game, scoring on a long pass and a punt return.  It’s amazing how good this guy is at making big plays.  The one thing he needs to work on is catching balls in the red zone.  If he could develop good red zone skills, he’d easily be one of the five best receivers in the NFL.

The rest of the offense looked pretty good too.  Donovan McNabb had one of his better games of the season, and even Michael Vick has started to contribute the past two weeks.  And for all the defense’s problems, they did force four fumbles, including one that they returned for a touchdown.

The win put the Eagles in first place in the division.  Now the key is to avoid a letdown next week when they play the 49ers.

After watching a full day of sports, I think I have to do another commercial analysis blog.  Hopefully later this week.

Looking ahead, next weekend is my Christmas Party weekend, as my company’s party is Friday afternoon, and Mrs. Cutter’s party is Saturday night.  Her party is prom themed!  And since we’re almost at the end of the year (and the end of the unofficial 2K decade) I’ll start doing my “Best of the Decade” lists.  I know everyone has been dying to know what I consider the best songs and movies of the decade!


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