Best TV Shows of the Decade

Hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas.  Saturday I got to drive home from Long Island in the rain, which was not a great experience.  For whatever reason, when Mrs. Cutter and I drive to Long Island, it’s almost guaranteed to rain either going there or coming back.

And  now, I will begin my long awaited “Best of the Decade” rankings!   We’ll start out with my estimation of the ten best TV shows of the 2000s.

10. The Simpsons – Probably the best show of the 90s, it has lost some major steam as the years have gone by.  There are many episodes that leave you saying “blah” and even more that leave you saying “WTF?”  Still, there have been enough good moments, that I still consider it one of the best on TV.

9. Entourage – The TV equivalent of empty calories.  There’s really not much substance to the show, and Adrian Grenier is remarkably bad on it (Really, this guy is an action star? ) and yet you just can’t help feeling good after watching it.

8. 30 Rock – Consistently funny, with some episodes and moments (usually involving Tracy Morgan) that are absolutely hilarious.  One of my favorites:

7. Family Guy – Still not sure why Fox cancelled it for three years.  The show definitely changed since the hiatus (It’s hard to describe the changes, but just watch a pre hiatus episode and post hiatus episode back to back and you can tell the difference) but it’s still often funny as crap.

6. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – I remember watching this when it first came on, and not being impressed.  Yet everyone told me that I had to watch it, and that I would love it.  After hearing this from enough people, I gave it another chance and am glad that I did.  There are so many episodes that you feel it’s wrong to laugh at, yet you can’t help yourself.

5. Dexter – Another show we have gotten into thanks to the miracle of Netflix.  Unfortunately, because we’re a season behind, I often read or hear spoilers.  Anyway, the show started out decent in it’s first year and has seemed to get better as it goes on.  I’m still debating if by acting like he fits into society, Dexter has proven to be as normal as any of us.  I mean, don’t we all want to kill people who deserve it?

4. The Office – Always good for laughs on Thursdays, it earns extra credit for helping to bring “That’s What She Said” further into the mainstream.  I don’t get why anyone thinks the British version is better than the American version.  I tried to watch the British version, and I could barely get through two episodes.

3. South Park – Another show that has changed over the years.  It used to be about the adventures of four elementary school kids.  Now, the “plots” are just excuses to make biting social commentary and parody modern events.  Because they make the shows on a weekly basis, they’ve managed to stay on the cutting edge much more than their competitors.  There are some moments that make me wonder how they get away with it.

2. Lost – Possibly the most talked about show of the decade.  You didn’t want to miss an episode, and then have to avoid everyone talking about it the next day at work.  It’s great not only for the mysteries, but also for the characters.  While I’m happy that it will be back on the air in a little over a month, it’s also a bit sad knowing that this is the last season.  Sure, we’ll learn a lot of things about the show’s mythology, but in this case, the fun is in the journey, not the destination.

1. Chappelle’s Show – While it only lasted for two seasons (That aborted third season shouldn’t count), this show pretty much dictated pop culture for the two years it was on.  I mean, who among us hasn’t uttered the words “I’m Rick James, bitch!”  Maybe it’s actually a good thing that the show ended when it did so that it didn’t suffer an evitable decline.  Maybe because of that, we’ll always remember it fondly.  Anyway, for it’s brilliance, regardless of how short, I rate it as the best TV show if the decade.


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2 Responses to Best TV Shows of the Decade

  1. Too tall says:

    Good call on chappelle show. Definite #1. I would have added in some of the HBO tv series like sopranos, the wire, band of brothers.

  2. I can’t contribute a whole lot to this, as I don’t watch a lot of these kinds of shows, but I did love Chappelle’s Show & It’s Always Funny…me, with my uncultured tastes, would’ve added some Sealab 2021, Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law and a ton of things from PBS, which I found far more compelling than anything on the main networks over the past few years.

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