Best Movies of the Decade

Continuing on with my best of the decade series, I present to you my choices for the ten best movies of the 200s.

10. Clerks II – I liked Kevin Smith’s early work (Which I consider right up until the halfway point of Chasing Amy).  I was really disappointed by Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (although it holds up better when watching it on cable) but this movie totally redeemed Smith in my eyes.  Many people might discount it because the main actors are really kind of amateurs.  But it’s got some absolutely hilarious parts, most of which I probably should not quote here.

9. Mean Girls – When Mrs. Cutter first got me to watch it, I figured it was just a lame chick flick.   I was surprised to learn that it isn’t a chick flick, but rather a really funny movie.  This movie is definitely “fetch!”  Side note:  Mean Girls was the in-flight movie when I flew back from LA in 2004.  Sadly, I could not enjoy it because I was suffering a massive wine-induced hangover.  Let me tell you, having a bad hangover on a plane is one of the worst things you can experience.  Word of warning: The air sickness bags they provide do not hold up long once filled with vomit!

8. The 40 Year Old Virgin – This one was definitely funny, and gave us the memorable “You know how I know you’re gay?” sequence that was immediately over-quoted by everyone in America afterwards.  Props to Steve Carell, as unlike what happens with other sitcom actors in movies, you aren’t thinking “Oh, that’s just Michael Scott” while watching this movie. 

7. X2 – I’ve been a long-time reader of X-Men comics, so I was pretty excited when the first X-Men movie came out.  While it wasn’t horrible, the movie was a slight disappointment.  In hindsight, the right way to look at that movie is as a prequel to X2.  X2 delivers where the first movie maybe fell a little short.  Most importantly, we finally get to see Wolverine kick some ass!  If only the last fifteen minutes weren’t purely setting up the lousy third movie.

6. Unbreakable – Mrs. Cutter will surely disagree with this choice, but I loved this movie.  I consider it even better than The Sixth Sense.  Several TV shows and movies have tried to do the whole “What if comic book characters existed in real life” scenario, but those usually just degenerate into comic book-like action.  Unbreakable may have been the only one that showed how a real life comic would actually be like.  And I don’t care if you saw it coming or not, the twist at the end was pretty good.

5. Blade II – Yeah, before they became mega-lame at the end of the decade, Blade showed that vampires can be awesome!  While I enjoyed the first Blade movie, this one was far superior.   I liked that they pretty much made Blade invincible in this movie.  They said: He’s got the powers of a vampire, and he’s pretty much going to kick everyone’s ass.  Isn’t that what we truly want out of our movie heroes?  But of course the real reason this movie makes the list?  It’s got one of the coolest things you can put in a movie: Ninja vampires! 

4. The Dark Knight – Yeah, in hindsight, there are a bunch of plot holes.  And maybe we may have overrated Heath Ledger’s performance a bit.  But it was still wildly entertaining, and easily one of the best comic book movies ever made.

3. Anchorman – It had been a long time since I laughed as hard as I did while watching this movie.  I’m sure that the people seated in front of me did not appreciate my spasms of laughter that caused me to kick their seats repeatedly.  This Judd Apatow-Will Ferrell effort came when both were starting out in movies, and before America grew tired of them.  Yeah, it’s stupid and ridiculous, but it’s also consistently hilarious.  I’m Ron Burgundy?

2. Spider-Man – Some people liked the sequel better, but I thought that movie dragged a bit in the middle (although the action scenes may have been the best I’ve ever seen).  This one was a perfect example of how to translate a comic book to movie form.  There were a few moments while watching it when I said “This is freaking awesome!”  and if that doesn’t make it a great movie, I don’t know what does.

1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy – I lumped them all together because really, it’s one big movie divided into three parts.  (Plus, that opened up two extra spots on the list, and it was hard to really distinguish between these movies.)  Sure, the ending of the third movie dragged on a bit (and man, did I have to pee), but that’s really the only complaint I can make.  Great acting, great action scenes, and of course Gollum!


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